Social media platforms have been a game changer in everything—nowhere, more so, than in business. With unprecedented abilities to target prospective customers, interact with them on a mass scale, and provide custom experiences, each social site is a powerful business tool that, when used properly, can spur massive growth for businesses of all sizes. But which ones are the best to use?

Low barrier to entry, low margin for error, and unlimited potential for growth? Check. That’s social media when it comes to marketing your business. The only thing separating your company from a successful social strategy is knowing which ones are the best for business. Without a doubt, the following three are must-haves for any business wanting to grow their customer base:



Facebook offers an extraordinary opportunity for you to connect with customers around the world. With over 1.5 billion users (yes, that’s correct), it is by far the most diverse and versatile advertising platform on the Web. One great advantage of Facebook marketing is being able to take your current customer base, create a profile, and match it to prospective customers in the local area. Your page can then be a platform for sharing your industry expertise and generating interest for pennies on the dollar.

Strengths: Strong customer targeting, large user base, good mix of video and image content



What can you possibly do with barely more than 100 characters? Actually, quite a bit. 75% of customers follow a small business on Twitter to get product updates. When you are constantly updating your following on new products, services, and promotions, people take notice. Also, the linking back to your site from all of your tweets provides some valuable search engine benefits. If you go viral, there’s no telling how many customers will come through the door. Having a large following (generated organically) is a trust factor that both prospective customers and Google love.

Strengths: Easy to post, easier to go viral, simple interface



Linkedin is the be-all-end-all of B2B social networking. Where other networks are more for working with the general public and sharing visual content, Linkedin is about working with others in your industry and becoming a thought leader. Linkedin allows you to target business professionals by title, industry, and numerous other factors, meaning you can cut straight to the chase and get in touch with a person who is a real mover and shaker. Also, targeting groups in your industry will help earn you the respect of your peers and make them turn to you when services are needed.

Strengths: All business, industry targeting


Saying social media is an incredible marketing opportunity for local small businesses is an understatement. The key is determining which one is right for you and crafting a strategy that facilitates business growth. These three platforms are a great place to start expanding your business’s reach. The barrier to entry is low and the profits are high!

If a professional social media strategy is something your business might be interested in, feel free to speak to BlueHat Marketing’s team of social marketing professionals today.