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SEO Friendly Services Website Design Services

BlueHat Marketing doesn’t just provide clients with SEO assistance, we also build SEO-friendly Services websites Our website design experts build and deliver flawless Services websites quickly and easily, customizing one to help build your brand and connect with new customers.

By delivering beautiful, clean and responsive SEO-friendly Services websites, all built on a strong technical foundation, we not only maximize user experience and your profits, we help you bring in new clients while keeping repeat customers coming back for more.


Our Service Website Design Process

Whether you’re a law firm that needs a website, a real estate agent looking to make a splash in the local market, or a roofing company that requires a digital presence, BlueHat will help you design and build a Services website that works for you.

Doing so requires a combination of efforts, from research to wireframe construction to content programming to graphic design. Together, we’ll come to a deeper understanding of your audience and competitors, define the scope of your ambitions, and turn your vision into reality while also coming up with a budget and approximate time frame for the project.

Research & Niche Understanding

We always try to define the project up front by clarifying the central purpose of your site, agreeing on the metrics we’ll use to measure success, and by studying competitors. By coming to terms with the nature of your business, we can help you expand it, no matter what niche you’re in.

Wireframes and Mockups

During this stage we will create an architectural sitemap that clarifies the relationship between each of the pages on your site, ensuring that all navigation elements are working, and help you visualize how the final product will look for your Services website.

Content Development

Once we have our mockups and wireframes in place and approved, our team of content producers and designers will build out all of the visual elements, copywriting input, CTA placement, color scheme decisions, and whatever a user will interact with on your Services website.

Approvals & Revisions

As the design process moves along, we make sure that a client’s vision is continuously aligned with the website product our designers produce. By ensuring you’re always in the driver’s seat, we can alway integrate any and all suggested changes.

Development and Execution

Towards the end of the process our technical experts take over, translating everything we’ve agreed to into code. Then we’ll build and finalize an error-free, SEO-optimized website designed specifically for the service you provide to your customers.

Quality Check

Testing is very important, and by pre-launching a version of the website that is only visible to pre-approved parties, we can interact with the website with a view to making it better. During this stage we ensure that no bugs remain and that all design and UX elements function properly.


Once tested and approved by all stakeholders, we launch the services website for real! BlueHat is also always available to assist throughout, especially since most sites require updates or adaptations in order to match evolving business priorities.

Are you ready to build a Website that’s worthy of your Business and Brand?


Our Services Website Design Features

You usually only get one chance to make a good first impression. We’ll help you make yours a good one.

Conversion-Friendly Layout

The central priority of our designers is to create a services website that is functional and that looks great. Combining an esthetically pleasing design with intuitive navigation, we optimize user experience, boost brand engagement, and help you convert visitors into customers.

Scalable and Service-Oriented Structure

You want a website design that is adaptable as your business, which is why our scalable, service-oriented structures and web architecture aren’t just designed to be tailored to business types across the spectrum, but are built with evolution in mind. As your business grows and changes, so can your website.

Mobile-friendly Interface

The importance of a mobile-friendly website cannot be over-emphasized. The majority of search is done on mobile devices, and our design experts ensure that your Service website’s mobile experience works flawlessly.

Advanced SEO Capabilities

By building with SEO in mind, clients have a stronger foundation upon which to build. Using finely-tuned keyword and competitive research as a jumping-off point, we maximize organic reach by designing with the search intent of your likely customer base in mind.

Services and City Pages

Along with a Homepage and Contact Us page, Service and City Location pages are key to offering a streamlined user experience and capturing local search traffic in the areas your business serves. We can add as many as are needed when creating your website.

Comprehensive Lead Forms

In many cases, a “conversion” for a Service website is represented by a customer getting in touch. By integrating high-quality CTAs that lead to comprehensive and adaptable lead forms, we can help you connect with more potential clients.

Google Reviews Integration

Google reviews act as a form of social proof, which increases customer trust and brand loyalty. By setting your services website apart from your competitors and showcasing your credibility through well-integrated Google reviews, you maximize your chances of success.

Blog Section

Not all Services websites need a blog, but most organizations find them to be a great way to funnel more potential customers your way. Building off of our keyword and competitive research, BlueHat’s SEO packages include monthly blog content production built based on data-backed topic clusters that maximize organic reach.

Customized Contact Us and Consultation Pages

Every business has a unique set of priorities when building their website, but all websites need to design ways for customers to get in touch once they have decided to engage with your company. We’ll build you simple, great-looking contact and consultation pages that connect you with the clients you need to succeed.

Our technologies

The web developers at BlueHat Marketing are well-trained and able to support any of the following Content Management Systems or Web Applications.


Why Choose Bluehat for Web Design Services

At BlueHat, we have delivered award-winning services for over twenty years, and the value we bring is clear: With crisp, clean, functional and SEO-optimized website design, we expand the reach of your brand, increase your conversions, and help you reach new audiences while better connecting with your existing customer base.

Professional and Modern Layouts

Our design and development team excels at assembling modern, high-quality layouts that catch the attention of users and make a great impression.

Custom Website Development

The BlueHat team has a track record of success building websites from scratch (or modernizing existing web infrastructure).

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Because most search traffic is mobile, a central focus of our team is to optimize your site for mobile, keeping it as responsive as possible.

Expertly Designed Wireframes and Mockups

After a thorough research and analysis effort, we build wireframes and mockups that help define the scope of your website build, helping you to visualize the final product.

SEO-Friendly Website Structures

By building with SEO techniques in mind, we integrate the learnings from our competitive analysis and finely-tuned keyword research, which is the key to boosting organic reach over the long term.

Well-Researched Service Pages

You need service pages that clearly explain your value to clients, and our well-researched pages deliver a user experience that will help deliver that value, funneling more leads your way.

Unresisting, Scalable Foundation

Our scalable design foundation makes it easy for us to update, expand or modernize your web architecture as your business grows and changes with the demands of the marketplace.

Faster Page Speed & Load Time

Research shows that if your site takes more than a few seconds to load, you will lose a massive amount of business. By streamlining the site from a technical standpoint, we keep speeds high and customers engaged.

Excellent Speed and Page Experience

Along with high-level functionality, having great UI and UX is an absolute must. By designing and implementing intuitive, simplified experiences for users, you will boost your conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Drawing visitors to your site is one thing, and turning them into clients is another. With CRO always top-of-mind, we continually improve your website with our A/B testing and validation efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every website build is unique in some way, but most services websites include similar elements. For this reason, depending on the scope of the project, we can design and build highly effective services websites in just a few weeks. For a more accurate answer, reach out to us for a free consultation.
Costs wil vary depending on the size and scope of a project. Building hyper-customized websites from scratch can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 and up, but because services websites can be built using popular templates, we can often save time and lower costs. Call us for a free consultation, and once we’ve asked you a few questions about your goals, we’ll be able to lock down a price range that works for you.
Our goal is to build what the customer needs, and very often, that is a website that business owners can work on and update themselves, without needing assistance from an agency. That said, BlueHat is always available as a resource when you need help with any problems.
A mobile-friendly website is a must, as the majority of web use today is performed on mobile devices. Being optimized for mobile will improve user experience and help you reach more customers.
The BlueHat team’s SEO-centric approach bakes in a site architecture and content strategy optimized for search. Integrating best practices from an SEO perspective is a huge bonus you should take advantage of when building new websites.
This one’s easy: get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to help by discussing the scope of your project, providing an estimate and moving on from there.


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