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An SEO audit will help you identify opportunities, boost your website’s performance, better understand your market and overtake your competitors. A good audit will result in your organization making smarter decisions, and bringing in more money over the long-term.


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The Value of an SEO Audit Service
for Your Business

An SEO audit is an investment in your business. As such, the goal of an SEO audit should be to gain a valuable return on your investment. How does an SEO audit benefit you?

SEO Audits improve the performance of your website

Job number one is to study all the ways in which we can improve the health of your site. This means attending to technical fixes, on-page and off-page issues, your site speed and mobile optimization, internal linking methodology and web architecture restructuring.

With a leaner, meaner and more agile site, you’ll rank higher in organic search results for the keywords that matter, which results in more traffic, leading to more paying customers and a healthier bottom line.

SEO Audits provide valuable competitive insights

Part of the audit process involves a look inward, studying the current state of your website. However, a very important aspect also involves studying the competitive landscape outside of your business.

Among other things, SEO audits reveal the strategies your competitors are using, the keywords they have chosen to rank for, the blogs they have chosen to write, and techniques they use to achieve their goals. An SEO audit provides value information you can use to your advantage.

SEO Audits help you build long-term strategic roadmaps to success

Information is power, and SEO audits offer an enormous amount of actionable information and advice. By having a more complete understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your business and your competitors, you can make long-term plans for success.

SEO audits also offer you a glimpse into what a relationship with an SEO agency would be like, but without you having to sign any long-term contracts. With the results of an SEO audit in-hand, you can implement the necessary changes at your own pace, either with an internal team or the group that performed the audit. It’s your choice.

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BlueHat SEO Audit Types: Take Your Pick!

Not all SEO audits are the same. Based on an initial conversation and some preliminary research into your business, we will suggest one of the following audit types.

Technical Audit

Very often, it is best for organizations to start the audit process with a technical audit. This audit focuses solely on technical aspects of your website, where we’re not so much interested in the keyword mapping, user intent, interface design or other qualitative aspects of your site, but on the nuts and bolts of it all, how it comes together, and how your website performs.

During a technical SEO audit we’ll aim to eliminate errors, maximize your crawl health, fix indexing issues, remove duplicate content, optimize your metadata, address site architecture problems, study your linking structure, maximize your website speed, etc. Using that and other tools and techniques, we can identify the technical challenges holding you back and highlight areas of opportunity.

Content Audit

Another extremely important type of audit is content audit, which involves taking stock of your information architecture, as opposed to the technical architecture. Here our focus is to ensure your content is identified, labeled, organized and made useful to your visitors. We also aim to identify gaps in your content and build out a content strategy that is in line with your goals.

By finding out what performs best, we can optimize the quality of your existing content, remove the stuff that performs poorly, and add content so that it drives relevant and engaged organic traffic your way. Here we’ll be focused on metrics such as organic sessions, bounce rates, word counts, keyword density, internal linking and backlinks.

Link Profile Audit

Here, our team will analyze the number and quality of the hyperlinks directed to your website, and get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your link profile. Based on what we find, we will be able to make concrete recommendations about what links need to go, which pages or keywords need attention, and what strategies would work best to improve your link profile so as to avoid running afoul of Google’s algorithm.

Conversion Audits

Conversion audits are focused on the customer’s journey through your website, and how we can improve the conversion rate for your products or services. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) requires information to be done well, so often we’ll start by making sure we understand exactly what your goals are, and who your customers are.

We’ll try to focus our goals on specific outcomes. Are you trying to increase conversions on purchases? Increase average order values? Reduce shopping cart abandonment? Once we’ve narrowed it down, we’ll dive into our analytics to discover the why and how of your challenges, then target areas for improvement.

Complete Website Audit

Here you get the full-service 360-degree audit that incorporates all of the elements above, and more. We’ll look at KPI data, your keyword rankings, perform a technical and competitor analysis, analyze your content and links, all with the goal of lowering your costs and making you more money.

By removing friction points and obstacles, cultivating any low-hanging fruit for easy wins, and cleaning up your site so that it’s optimized in every way, the traffic should increase, the user experience should be improved, and the value you offer to site visitors improve. A complete website audit is a great way to get an idea of the true size of the challenges your business is facing, and also a great way to get to know how an agency works.

If you enjoy the process and want to implement the recommended steps of the audit, but don’t have the time or skill to do it yourself, BlueHat can always transition from auditor to SEO agency. Based on the audit, we can build you a detailed and strategic SEO roadmap, checking items off the list one by one over the ensuing months!

Platforms We Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO audit involves analyzing how well your web presence relates to best practices. An SEO audit should identify all the issues holding a page back, from content issues to site architecture to technical problems. Without an audit, it’s almost impossible to build a long-term roadmap that can deliver measurable results and an improvement in the profitability of your site.
The term “on-page” refers to all elements on your actual website, as opposed to elements outside of your web infrastructure, such as links or social media. An on-page audit is designed to improve your rankings and the user experience on your site, and will include the optimization of elements such as title tags, internal links, HTML code, URLs, on-page content, images, and more.
An SEO audit checklist is exactly what it sounds like: it is a checklist that details the challenges and opportunities faced by your site. Once an SEO audit has been completed, the idea is to build out that checklist and a timeline for its completion. Some companies prefer to take an outside audit and have their internal teams fix all the issues, and others find it is more profitable to outsource that to a team of experts like those at BlueHat, so they can focus on their core business objectives.
Instead of looking at an SEO audit as a cost, think of it like an opportunity; an investment in your company’s success. Then, once you’ve had an initial consultation with experts, you can decide whether or not the improvements in organic ranking and the strengthening of your site will result in enough additional sales or a sufficiently higher conversion rate to justify the costs. Because audits are relatively quick to perform and inexpensive, SEO audits are almost always worth the cost. Ask yourself this: what would you pay to increase your sales by 25%, 80% or 400%? Can you afford not to start off your SEO journey with an initial audit?


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