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Why BlueHat Marketing Makes Sense For Your Business

As a results-oriented SEO and digital marketing agency, we deliver high-quality, quantifiable results to our clients, no matter who their target audience is, or where they’re searching from.

Using International SEO techniques, we’ll help you grow your business by effectively optimizing your site to attract target other countries and languages. Using proven strategies and cutting-edge techniques, we’ll boost your online presence around the globe.

Grow Your Brand Reputation and Digital Footprint

We tailor our strategies to the unique needs of every client, maximizing the impact of every dollar you spend and optimizing for international growth over the long term.

Regular Reporting

Nothing is better than the ability to speak one-on-one with a dedicated Account Manager or SEO specialist, whether your package includes weekly or monthly reporting.

24/7 Campaign Tracking

Our responsive, data-driven approach means we are always available to connect, advise or or explain complex issues in real time on issues that are reflected in our tracking software.

Focused Lead Generation

We facilitate increased lead generation and boosted sales numbers as we identify, quantify, track and optimize relevant metrics, delivering measurable results you can track.

Alignment With Your Company’s Goals

By getting in sync with your team’s long-term goals and company values and studying your competition, we come up with strategies that make us a true partner in your success.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Information is power, and in the hands of experts, data analytics tools (combined with regular reporting) provides you with a flexible and agile data-driven approach.

Dedicated Project Roadmaps

To get your business safely to its destination, you need the right maps. Our clients are offered complete transparency and regular access thanks to BlueHat’s proprietary project roadmaps, covering every element in an International SEO campaign.

Dedicated SEO Specialist

Every client has their own dedicated specialist, backed by a talented team that tailors their approach in a way that maximizes the value of our optimizations, as well as your ROI.

Effective Strategies and Recommendations

Once we’ve performed an in-depth audit of both your website and a competitive analysis, we continuously monitor your campaign, adjusting to new company priorities as the campaign matures.

Priority Customer Service

Our most important relationship is with our international SEO clients. Along with technical expertise, our specialists are flexible, and can always be made available to discuss or adjust strategic plans.


International SEO Services Provided by BlueHat Marketing

If implemented properly, a well-configured International SEO effort should be nearly invisible to end-users. Our team works together with yours to build a customized, industry-tailored and localized digital marketing approach that works and broadens your company’s global appeal.

Multinational & Multilingual Keyword Research

Using the right research, we’ll identify your company’s unique Keyword Universe, and help you implement and maintain strategies that rank your site for those relevant keywords. An international SEO approach means we can effectively target any geographical area or linguistic profile.

Technical International SEO

A strong technical foundation is a prerequisite for success, and focuses on several central aspects including user experience, mobile optimization, core web vitals, website speed and others. Our technical audits will also address site architecture issues, clean up errors, analyze and improve your backlink profile, establish a healthy link velocity and optimize metadata and heading structures.

Website Traffic and Growth

By combining an in-depth strategic and competitive analysis, implementing technical improvements and developing a robust and supportive content strategy, our team will help you drive revenue by increasing traffic to your site, improving user experience, increasing site authority, expanding your digital footprint and (eventually) outranking your competition.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The goal of CRO is to increase the percentage of conversions a business will normally achieve, and we do this in a number of ways. Our data analytics tools enable us to generate, test, validate and improve CRO hypotheses using A/B and multivariate testing. The result is a data-driven approach that will help increase your traffic and boost your brand’s digital visibility on an international scale.

Are you ready to go international with your SEO efforts?

Optimized Multinational & Multilingual Website Structure

Building a customized, international SEO-friendly URL structure will help you target different countries and languages, maximizing your brand’s global digital reach. Techniques include building URL structures using country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), subdomains and subdirectories, gTLDs with language parameters, or using completely different domain names.

Global Content Strategies

International SEO keyword research is only one aspect of a global content strategy. We’ll also identify your site’s content gaps using specialized tools, fill those gaps by optimizing your existing pages or creating new ones, and build out your brand’s authority by crafting well-written, geo-targeted blogs. Together, a long-term content strategy for international SEO will boost your site’s authority, grow your international traffic, and increase your leads.

User Journey and Behavior Analysis

Without knowing how users interact with your site, it’s hard to improve user experience and maximize profit. Improving user experience begins with behavior analysis and journey tracking, and our experts will study the data, help you identify pain points and strengths, and then use those learnings to better optimize your site.

International PR & Outreach

In today’s world, nothing is more valuable than your brand. Maintaining a positive brand in the mind of your worldwide customers is often priority number one, and PR and Outreach campaigns are just some of the ways we can help you grow your digital visibility while protecting your reputation.

Re-Analysis of Growth Opportunities

For International SEO, strategy implementation is just the beginning of the journey, not its end-point. Using our tools, BlueHat will both monitor real-time successes and make adjustments on the fly. In our regular reporting calls, your dedicated SEO specialist team will provide their insights, which help to identify and adopt profitable new strategies that make a positive impact on your business over time.

Your business deserves an Industry leader and an internationally recognized company

Our team of technical experts and certified Google professionals regularly push the limit of what’s possible, and it shows!

Our supportive team culture and relaxed, collaborative environment help BlueHAt attract top talent, making it easier for us to stay on top of the latest techniques and industry practices. By raising the standard for our clients every year, we can offer you solid growth and increased revenue, no matter the size of your business.

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International SEO Solutions for Multinational Companies

Having strong organic visibility accelerates growth, and BlueHat is proud to serve clientele from a number of different industries.


Optimizing for keywords that key decision-makers search for


Ranking relevant keywords to drive to drive consistent traffic


Prioritizing customer targeting to create sustained online growth


Customer-focused product page and site architecture optimization


Fresh, industry-specific content tailored to a tech audience


Focus on brand, organic traffic growth and enhanced local visibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO involves focusing on locally-searched keywords, and is a strategy that helps increase visibility for businesses in local search results. Local SEO best serves businesses with a physical location, or those that serve a specific geographic area.

On the other hand, International SEO targets keywords and traffic globally by using geo-targeting, hreflang tags, and other localization signals. It also involves the optimization of a website’s URL structure so that search engines can more easily identify which countries your business is targeting, making it easier for international visitors to use your site seamlessly in the language of their choice.

An international website is one that is designed to be used by audiences around the globe, and not just targeted to one country, region or language group. Not only is an international website’s URL structure optimized for search across borders and languages, but so is the content. There may often be less text in images, so that the pages can be translated more easily, and a focus on load times are also a concern, as not all countries have the same level of high-speed internet access.
Since all countries use the internet slightly differently, SEO is not used in the exact same way around the globe. Of course, the fundamentals of SEO stay largely the same, but nations do have unique sets of regulations, and different regional audiences have diverse interests, values and cultural backgrounds. As such, some SEO techniques, keyword and content production choices, imagery, and even URL structures are tailored and optimized for each region a website serves.
The needs of every international SEO client are different. Often, international SEO clients are also Enterprise-level businesses, and as such, the technological challenges and overall complexity of their businesses can prove to be time-consuming. However, like with other more traditional SEO campaigns, there are often a number of quick wins that can be achieved over the short-term. Either way, it is often said that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Any robust and well-designed SEO strategy will begin to show measurable results after a few months.
Accurate translations are extremely important for your international SEO campaign. Automated translation apps offered by companies like Google are often not enough. It is important that the targeted audience feels at home reading your website in their language, and that means that you need accuracy in language, idioms, local culture and customs. It is highly recommended that you find a native speaker that is fluent in a local language to provide you with translations, or at the very least, verifications and edits to your existing translations.


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