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Our SEO Consultation Services

After an initial call in which we discuss your challenges and goals, our team will research your business’ strengths and weaknesses, the competitive landscape, your website architecture and technical challenges, your content gaps, the overall user experience you offer, along with other important metrics, all in order to get a better understanding of your needs.

E-Commerce SEO Consulting

Our E-Comm SEO increases your online visibility and organic reach while maximizing every dollar of your advertising budget by improving everything from your headlines and product descriptions to your metadata and internal linking structure, funneling more customers your way through the implementation of navigational structure improvements and by optimizing overall user experience.

Sales Funnel SEO Consulting

SEO consulting involves a number of different skill sets, and the sales funnel is crucial knowledge for those working on everything from web design & architecture to keyword research to content production to user experience. Often visualized as an upside-down pyramid, the “marketing funnel,” or “conversion funnel,” our entire SEO team knows how the sales funnel turns potential clients into paying customers, and we’ll integrate this in order to boost engagement, raise your brand profile and move clients through the “top-of-funnel” informational content down to “bottom-of-funnel” purchase interactions.

Blog & Website SEO Consulting

By identifying the gaps we can build a strategic roadmap that lays out our path to success and increased organic reach. Our SEO consulting services can be tailored to any size business, with the goal of identifying the metrics we will use to measure success, determining specific ROI goals, and zeroing in on a budget that accomplishes those goals over a realistic timeframe.

Enterprise SEO Consulting

Measuring and interpreting your data is important for all businesses, and the importance of understanding your data tends to increase with the size of your company. By combining our website SEO services and any E-Commerce components with a particular focus on data, we can use our powerful analytics tools to both define and continuously refine our strategies, with a focus on BRAND.

B – Boost your digital presence and brand reputation
R – Research, segment and target your audience
A – Adjust our approach as your campaign evolves
N – Nurture your growth with responsive, dedicated SEO strategists
D – Dedicated to your success using a data-driven approach

Let us give you a hand with your SEO campaign


Why You Should Choose BlueHat as Your SEO Consultant

Driving more organic traffic to your website takes a team with experience

It’s What
We Do

A digital marketing strategy is a must-have for today’s companies. To reach more customers and push your business to new heights, you need a comprehensive, unified SEO approach.

A Very Particular Set of Skills

We weave together web design, SEO, web development, content production, technical data analysis, paid ads, and much more. The result is an organic traffic boost that drives sales, increases leads, and builds your brand.

We Ask the Right Questions

A good SEO consulting team should be able to give you answers. But do you know what questions to ask? Our team knows how to operate in a highly competitive digital landscape, and that includes being able to ask the right questions, ones relevant for your business.

An Attentive and Strategic Approach

We tailor our approach to every client, balancing technical fixes, page optimization, the creation of new content, and user experience fixes. Not only that, we continuously monitor your campaigns, and can always adjust to evolving company priorities on the fly.

Experience and Professionalism

With over 20 years of experience working in the SEO space, our team of multidisciplinary professionals combine their knowledge to produce amazing results.

What Our SEO Consultation Service Includes

A Better Understanding of Your Data

Information is power. Our team can make sense of your data to deliver actionable insights that will drive more traffic, build your brand and connect you to new customers.

Competitive & Keyword Analysis

By studying your competition and performing in-depth keyword research, we deliver invaluable strategy and guidance that acts as a roadmap for our technical and content teams to work with, leading to improvements in everything from your website architecture to your brand voice.

Google Search Console and Analytics Audit

Using the tools at our disposal, we continuously monitor the technical foundations of your website, resolving errors, boosting site load speed, optimizing for mobile, establishing healthy link velocity, optimizing metadata and heading structures, handling security issues, and improving ranking signals associated with Core Web Vitals.

Backlink and Security Audit

By evaluating your backlink profile, we can optimize your site for search by identifying and removing any toxic links, and putting a strategy in place that takes advantage of opportunities to build higher-quality links.

Content Analysis

Having well-written content is a key element in any SEO strategy. When it is structured within a strategy based on our competitive and keyword analysis, it not only satisfies Google’s algorithm, it improves user experience and helps boost your brand.


The better a site’s usability, the higher the conversion rate. Sometimes described as User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI), this metric is a combination of site design, web architecture, copywriting, and technical SEO. Our experts will maximize your site’s usability and provide the competitive advantage you need.

Solutions for Your SEO Problems

In today’s market, companies cannot afford to ignore the value of SEO and digital marketing if they want to thrive. By optimizing on several fronts at once (content, backlinks, technical factors, user experience, data analytics), you can massively boost your organic reach, improve the effectiveness of paid ad campaigns, build and expand your brand, and reach new customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every business is different, with different sizes, different markets and different strategies for success. However, all businesses can benefit from search engine optimization. SEO provides an impressive ROI in both the short and long term, and when combined with other layers of expertise (including web design and development, content production, and others), consultants can provide a holistic approach that boosts the reach of your marketing budget and massively expands your online presence.

The true question of value is usually related to the specific group you choose to work with, and whether you feel they are the right fit for your business. Luckily, many companies offer a free initial consultation that can help you answer that question!

Freelance consultants can charge anywhere from $40 to $100 dollars an hour, and agencies with more capabilities often charge between $100-$350 an hour, with monthly costs coming in around the $1,500 to $3,000 range (although based on needs, this range can expand upward).

Ultimately, the costs are almost always tailored to expand and contract with your needs, and will also vary based on your business goals – goals that change over time. Very often, the question of price is less important than coming to an understanding about value. After all, if every $1,000 you spend provides you with $2,000 of additional revenue, the question changes from “how much do you services cost?” to “how can we maximize the value of our partnership?”

What is most important is describing your particular pain points, your business goals, and giving the SEO consultants an idea of what kind of challenges lie ahead. Once they have done some initial research into your technical SEO challenges and the competitive landsacape, they will be in a much better position to provide suggestions.

Some companies start off in a strong position, with a clear roadmap ahead. Other companies are less sure of what they want or how to achieve their goals, and will need additional guidance to build out their own roadmap to success. Either way, you will want to know what metrics they think are important to measure, and how much of an improvement in those KPIs will constitute a successful campaign.


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