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Why is Search Engine Marketing Important for My Business?

Successfully marketing your business online will often include a paid search component, and it’s no surprise why. According to Google’s own metrics, businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 they invest in Google AdWords. That’s right – there is a good chance that you can double your investment when properly implementing SEM strategies.

SEM enables you to connect with hyper-targeted audience segments immediately, and because you control your ad spend, SEM can be used with businesses of any size without blowing through your budget. However, even though paid search holds great promise, it’s not all that simple.

To achieve high-quality results, you need to work with a team that knows what they’re doing.

SEM Services We Offer

Google Ads

Using Google AdWords allows you to connect with the exact right customer at the exact right time. Our specialists will build and manage your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and continuously measure its impact, fine tuning as we go in order to maximize the value of your investment.

Bing Ads

Microsoft’s search engine is not as powerful as Google, but it still represents seven percent of the global search market, and 19 percent of the U.S. market. We’ll create value utilizing similar granular segmentation techniques and take advantage of Bing’s lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

Ad Retargeting

When clients visit your website and leave without taking any action, they are still tagged and remembered for later. Our experts use Ad Retargeting and Remarketing to provide additional points of contact with your brand, capturing their attention by pushing display ads to them as they browse other websites.

Pay-Per-Click Audits

Strategizing ad campaigns and targeting specific audience segments is only one part of the battle. The other half involves assessing the performance of those efforts over the short and long-term. We continuously adjust our approach to maximize value and boost spend efficiency.

Video Ads

Youtube and other video giants are widely used for search across all audience segments, and represent a huge opportunity for growth. Properly managing your video ad strategy will not only raise your brand awareness and draw in more leads, it will lead to an increase in sales as well.

Shopping Ads

Built to showcase retailer products, a Google Shopping campaign is a simple and flexible way to organize your offerings. We’ll help you increase the quality of your leads by featuring product-rich information directly in your ads, helping users make better decisions and boosting your profits at the same time.

Smart Campaigns

Google Smart Campaigns (formerly Google AdWords Express) is a “set it and forget it” type of interaction. Google Ads is more complex, but you have control over your entire campaign, including the choice of ad text, ad formats, keywords, bidding, schedules, location targets, conversion tracking, and budgets. Smart Campaigns are less hands-on. Once you’ve done a relatively simple setup (we can walk you through it in 15 minutes), Google will do the rest!

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The Search Engine Marketing Process

Keyword Research and Analysis

Just as it is with SEO, keyword research is a necessary foundation for a well-run SEM pay-per-click campaign. By choosing (or excluding) the right words and phrases, your business can bid on and advertise to the most motivated customers at the exact moment they’re ready to buy.

Copy Creation for Google Ads

Our in-house team of PPC experts and copywriters know exactly how to craft concise, effective ad copy that converts. We will raise your Click Through Rate (CTR) and lower your overall costs by integrating our copy within a well-structured ad campaign that properly clusters ad groups and maximizes your Quality Score.

Landing Page Development

Because paid ads are most often linked to landing pages, without combining our advertising efforts with the right type of landing page development strategy, you’re fighting with one hand behind your back. We’ll create and launch conversion-focused, bottom-of-the-funnel landing pages to properly capture customer traffic.

Account Setup and Tracking

Preparation is half the battle, and the key to obtaining positive, long-term results is for one of our experts to engage in a comprehensive setup that is aligned with your business goals. We’ll track and continually monitor the KPIs that create the most value, tracking purchases, signups, calls, and other important metrics to better understand your customer after they’ve seen your ad.

Campaign Launch

Once your campaign launches, your business will have instant visibility on search engines like Google, connecting you with hyper-targeted audience segments immediately. Not only will you have the ability to boost your sales and conversions, using paid search techniques also boosts your brand’s online presence.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Analysis

Once you’ve set up and launched your Google ad campaign, now the real fun begins! Success requires the continuous monitoring and evaluation of customer activity data. By studying how people interact with your ads, we can further optimize our efforts, helping you make more informed decisions and better understand your ad spend and ROI as we move forward.

Why Choose BlueHat as Your Advertising Agency?

We’re a Google Premier Partner

Our company was handpicked as one of only 3% of companies in Canada eligible to become Google Premier Partners. That means we’ve met ads spend requirements, delivered consistent client revenue growth, and sustained and grown our client base over time.

We Can Improve Your Brand Recognition

Paid search is often conversion-focused, but businesses can also enjoy a boost in brand recognition. Studies show that running ads creates an average of six per cent greater “top-of-mind awareness” with potential customers compared with those that don’t.

Positive ROI and Increased Conversions

When they are well designed and properly configured, Google ad campaigns can absolutely provide a jump in conversions and a positive ROI. Google estimates that businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 they invest in Google AdWords. BlueHat can help you get there.

Highly Targeted Audience Segments

Our campaigns are not one-size-fits-all, but highly flexible and customizable. No matter the size of your business, we use sophisticated audience segmentation techniques and continuously fine-tune our strategies based over time. We can even use our ad data to develop unique insights into your competitors.

Dedicated Account Specialist

The job isn’t over after we’ve launched your advertising campaign – quite the opposite in fact! Because no campaign is the same, and because of the complexity involved, only a dedicated Account Specialist can help you truly optimize your ROI over time. We’ll adjust our approach based on the data, always searching for the most effective way to maximize value.

We’re a Top-Rated Agency

The digital marketing industry is always competitive, and because of the pace of technological evolution, the rules are always changing. That’s why you need a top-rated agency like ours to handle your business. Our 20-year history of success is a testament to the value we bring our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paid search campaigns offer the possibility of instant results for your business, and you can get started with as little (or as much) of a budget as you would like. SEM is extremely flexible, allowing you to focus on narrow audience segments or to cast a wide net. SEM is great for local campaigns, will boost your conversions, helps build your brand, delivers valuable data about your competitors, and ultimately SEM helps you get to the top of the search engine results pages without a long-term effort.
Both SEM and SEO are important aspects of digital marketing. SEO focuses on improving the technical, on-page and off-page signals of your website in order to funnel search engine traffic to you organically. It takes time and effort, but SEO will naturally draw in visitors at no cost. SEM, on the other hand, is paid advertising, and excels at delivering more immediate results. In many cases, the results you can get are directly related to the size of your ad budget.
Ad Retargeting is a very valuable tool that should not be left in a digital marketer’s tool belt. Because users are tagged whenever they visit your website and leave without taking any action, ad retargeting helps you connect with them later through the use of Display ads. This means that you can remind those users of your brand, even while they are browsing other websites. Because customers often must interact with a brand (on average) between six and seven times before making their first purchase, capturing their attention using retargeting strategies can provide a great deal of value for your business over the long term.


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