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SEO Friendly eCommerce Websites

With BlueHat Marketing in your corner, building an SEO-friendly eComm website is easy. Our website design experts build and deliver flawless eCommerce websites quickly, helping build your brand and connect with new customers.

By delivering beautiful, clean and responsive SEO-friendly eComm websites built on a strong technical foundation, we maximize user experience and your profits, bringing in new clients and keeping repeat customers coming back for more.

We Design Online Stores That Convert

We understand the importance of great design and a strong technical foundation, but ultimately, BlueHat is the choice of so many companies for a simple reason: increased profitability.

By maintaining a north star focused on functionality and user experience, we help businesses boost their bottom line by funneling more potential customers their way. We design eComm websites that are fully synchronized with your company’s market goals, consistently delivering more traffic and more conversions.

We can also help your organization better understand how your customers interact with your website. By integrating detailed behavioral analysis tools and user journey tracking options, you’ll be able to map out the critical paths on a user’s journey. Properly utilizing these insights thwill result in even more conversions over time, along with increased engagement and higher retention rates.


Our eCommerce Website Design Features

You usually only get one chance to make a good first impression. Let us help you make yours.

Clean & Unique Layout

We help turn your vision into a reality, creating an unique customer experience that incorporates the right combination of design, SEO-optimized copywriting, CTAs, videos and more..

User-Friendly Design

Our designers create sites that are both functional and great-looking. With an aesthetically pleasing look and intuitive navigation, we optimize user experience and boost brand engagement.

Mobile-friendly Interface

The importance of a mobile-friendly website cannot be over-emphasized. The majority of search is done on mobile devices, and our experts ensure that your site’s mobile experience is second-to-none.

CRO Focused

E-Commerce specialists know that it all boils down to conversions. By optimizing your conversion rate, we continually improve your CRO with customer journey tracking, A/B testing and additional validation efforts.

Advanced SEO Capabilities

By building with SEO in mind, clients have a stronger foundation upon which to build. Using finely-tuned keyword research, we maximize organic reach and make good websites truly great.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers don’t all use the same payment methods, and you shouldn’t expect them to! We’ll integrate multiple payment methods to streamline the process and maximize profitability.

Easy Checkout Features

There’s nothing worse than losing a sale because of technical challenges. Our experts make sure that doesn’t happen by integrating fully-tested systems that make checkout a breeze.

Promotional and Promo Code Tools

We can handle any customization requests, no matter what kind of promotional tools you want to use. From vouchers to multi-level referral promos and loyalty programs, we can integrate it all.

Stock Management

By tracking the location, amount, pricing and inventory mix, we’ll help you track inventory for any number of online sales channels, vastly simplifying the challenges faced by online retailers.

Order Fulfillment

We make customer order processing easier, whether you use an eComm fulfillment center or 3PL partner to manage inventory or if you prefer to store, pick, package and ship online orders yourself.

Product Reviews

We’ll help you integrate product reviews, which helps to build customer trust and loyalty. By setting your products apart from your competitors and showcasing your credibility, you maximize your chances of success.


Why not add a wishlist functionality to your eComm website? Just say the word, and our experts will integrate a solution tailored specifically to what you’re offering, helping your customers save their desired products in user accounts for future reference.


Our Web Design Process

Building a great website requires a combination of efforts, from research to wireframes to content programming, and more. Along with graphic design considerations, translating your vision requires a scope, a well-defined audience, optimized architecture, and testing

We’ll help you get there.


At this stage, we define the project, clarify the purpose of the site, agree on metrics to measure success, study competitors, all with the goal of helping you define the scope of your ambitions.

Wireframes and Mockups

Here we create an architectural sitemap, clarify the relationship between pages, ensure navigation works well, and help you visualize how the final product will look.

Content Development

With mockups and wireframes in place, our content team and designers will deliver the visual elements, copywriting, CTA placement, color schemes, whatever a user will interact with.

Approvals & Revisions

The client is always kept in the loop as the design process moves along, and we make sure that your vision is always aligned with our designers. Here we integrate any suggested changes.

Development and Execution

As we near the end of the process, our technical experts translate everything into code, building and finalizing an error-free, SEO-optimized website designed for eCommerce.

Quality Check

Testing is very important, so we pre-launch the website so that only approved parties can view and interact with the website. We make sure that there are no bugs, all design and UX elements function properly, and that the site is ready for business!


Launch day is always a good day. Once approved by all stakeholders and tested we go live! Of course, we’re always on hand for assistance moving forward, as most sites eventually need updates or adaptations that match a business’ evolving priorities.

Are you ready to build an eCommerce Website that’s worthy of your Business and Brand?

Our technologies

The web developers at BlueHat Marketing are well-trained and able to support any of the following Content Management Systems or Web Applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every website build is unique in some way, but very often an eCommerce website can be designed and developed in just a few weeks. The precise time frame will depend on the scope of the project, so reaching out for a free consultation for a more accurate answer.
Costs always depend on the size and scope of a project. Building customized websites from scratch can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 and up, but eComm websites built using popular templates can streamline the process and significantly lower costs. Call us for a free consultation, and once we’ve asked you a few questions about your goals, we’ll be able to lock down a price range that works for you.
Yes, absolutely! At BlueHat, we build what the customer needs, so we always make sure to prioritize the convenience of our clients. E-Commerce websites can be tricky to work with, we’re always available as a resource to provide the help you update your new website once it’s up and running.
Today, the majority of web use is performed on mobile devices, so having a site that is optimized for mobile is a necessity. We make sure to optimize for both desktop and mobile whenever we build out and design new eCommerce websites.
The BlueHat team’s SEO-centric approach bakes in an SEO-optimized site architecture, page and service offerings, copywriting content, and more, all from the word go. Integrating best practices from an SEO perspective is a huge bonus you should take advantage of if you can.
This one’s easy: get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to help by discussing the scope of your project, providing an estimate, and moving on from there.


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