Getting your customers to buy starts with actually driving them to your site. The main goal of SEO is increasing your visibility and bringing more visitors to your company’s page.

But not all traffic is created equal, and what good are visitors if they don’t end up buying? In this blog, we will cover why targeting the right customers is everything and three important conversion elements that you can’t forget about (but probably are!).

The process of converting customers begins with driving more traffic to your website, but it can’t be just any traffic. Two of the major mistakes we see with our client’s sites are that they treat all traffic as equal and they miss out on key conversion elements.


SEO Myth: All traffic is created equal.

In fact, bad traffic might even cost you in the long run. Google’s algorithm monitors user behaviour on your website, so if they are continually landing on your page, not finding what they’re looking for, and leaving, Google might see that as a sign that your site is low quality and lower your rankings. At the very least it will be a waste of time.

Driving targeted traffic starts with converting the right visitors on the SERP. Here are three elements you might be missing that are extremely important to bringing the right type of visitors in.


Title Tags That Get Noticed 

When you end up on Google’s results page and see the list of results, the title tag is the clickable link in blue letters. The title tag is incredibly important and an often overlooked method of converting more customers. It has to stand out. It has to get noticed. Positioning is important, no doubt—the #1 position gets 33% of all clicks!—but you’re missing out on extra targeted traffic with an unoptimized title tag. Make sure to include the keyword and offer something that competitors aren’t!


URLs That Guide the Way 

Your URL needs to reassure the visitor that they’ll land in the right place. Having a concise, tight, honest URL is a must. That’s why SEOs put such a weight on having clean URLs these days. Users expect them and Google loves them. You’ve only got a limited amount of space and words, though, so make them count. Your site, the page category, and page file name are all that there is, so make sure that it tells the user what to expect.


Meta Descriptions That Make People Click 

Your visitors need to be told what to do. Even when all of the information is staring them down, having a call to action that tells them their next step increases conversions. Your call to action needs to compel the visitor to get off of Google and get onto your site. What benefits will they gain from clicking? Which problems will you be solving? They’re already looking for you, so it should be easy from here. Tell them exactly what it is and you’ll convert more targeted visitors.

Targeted traffic is everything in SEO. Bring in the right visitors and you’ll make more sales. Use these three conversion elements to target the right buyers and start bringing them to your site!

A good conversion rate starts with good SEO! Increasing your visibility will make it easier for your customers to see you when they’re looking to buy. Contact BlueHat Marketing today to learn more.