In the past, social media and SEO were two separate disciplines. Those days are long gone. Today, social media and SEO are inextricably intertwined to the point that industry experts claim “social is the new SEO”. SEO insights can enhance your social strategy and social signals may have an effect on rankings—but the relationship hardly ends there. In this blog, we will explain how to make these two marketing strategies work in unison and greatly increase profits for your business.


Social media is a powerful tool for your business. It moulds the perception of your name, embodies your voice, and drives clicks, shares, and engagement. In short, it creates major revenue! Not only that, it has a major influence on SEO (and the relationship is mutual). Here are some figures regarding social signals and their impact on organic rankings:

  • Higher rankings are correlated with more shares
  • The top four Google positions have more Facebook activity
  • Sharing activity heavily correlates with ranking and content length

It’s safe to say that an integrated approach between the two will generate new leads and increase conversions. Translation: Social and SEO will make you more money.


Social SEO is key for driving engagement and creating buzz

Social is a major tool for getting people to talk about you. In the online world, this is called link building. When users across the web link to your site or mention you, it creates buzz and correlates to higher rankings. SEO can help you do this by:

  • Keywords: The analytic side of SEO can help you better understand what words people are using to find you. The most frequent searches can be targeted and leveraged in your favour.
  • Competitor Research: A bit of spying on the competition can yield great insights into what is generating buzz for them. We can take that information and improve on it.
  • Trends: Analyzing social trends and helping you get ahead of the curve is another way a great SEO mind can improve your social strategy.


Social media tips that work

You can start improving your social engagement, helping your rankings, and generating more revenue on social media using these few tips. And remember: always think from your user’s perspective. What do they want to know and how do they find it (that’s where SEO comes in).

  • Create linkable content and share it on social
  • Create short, SEO-optimized social posts
  • Encourage engagement and always participate
  • Optimize your social profiles for local
  • Analyze clicks and share to see what is working

Social media and SEO are now one in the same. In fact, social might actually be the new SEO (and some networks are even search engines in their own right). Use these tips to get your search engine optimization and social media strategies intertwined and you’ll benefit from the synergy between them!


Social media and SEO can be hard to grasp for small and medium businesses. If you’re ready to consult an expert team of social media marketers, get in touch with the BlueHat Marketing team today!