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2014 has been a very active year for the BlueHat Marketing team. First, TopSEOs.com, an independent and well-respected authority that evaluates and ranks Internet Marketing Agencies in Canada, recognized BlueHat Marketing as a strongly performing firm, ranking us number 1 in integrated search (SEO and PPC) among all companies in Canada. This was followed by recognition [...]

BlueHat Marketing Receives Top Award for Web Design

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Following the high rankings awarded to us for excellence in SEO (both local and general) from TopSEOs, the BlueHat Marketing team now finds itself at the very top of the list for web design and development services in Canada, as ranked by the same independent agency. I sat down with Peter Olejnicki and David Foscato, my [...]

New Look and Feel for the Blue Hat Website

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If you have been checking in with the Blue Hat site recently, you may have noticed that we have rolled out a brand new streamlined design. This week our web development team completed the fully re-designed site which features a simple, modern look that was created in accordance with our design philosophy: to be concise, user-friendly, [...]

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