SEO is a constantly changing industry. Search engines are constantly updating and adjusting their algorithms and SEO practitioners have to constantly try new strategies and modify their approach.

The best SEO companies rely on detailed research focused on discerning trends and patterns in search engine rankings. Although SEO practitioners often disagree about the relative importance of various factors in site rankings, there is a general consensus on which factors do play a part:

– Keywords in the domain name
– Keywords in the page’s URL
– Keywords in the content title
– Keyword placement on a page
– Keyword repetition on a page
– Uniqueness of content
– Freshness of content
– Social media activity

o Facebook fans, interaction and engagement
o Twitter activity, including influence of account tweeting
o Google+ activity and influence of circles

– Click-through rate for the site
– Bounce rate for the site
– Number and quality of attached links to the site
– Speed and ease of navigation of the site

Any SEO process requires a multifaceted approach. At the most fundamental level, you need to create a site that is search-engine friendly, but in order to excel, you must do a lot more, such as create quality content and establish a strong social media presence. Once you position yourself as an industry leader and expert, prospects will become clients and your business will flourish.

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