Ratings from your Google My Business Page can now automatically be seen in ads.

Supporting your local business with a mix of organic and paid SEO is crucial to your success. That is no secret. But recently Google has been rolling out some game changers that are going to make the local market that much more competitive. As always, those who put out quality products and services should do nothing but benefit.

Now, if you have local extensions enabled in AdWords, you can have your star rating appear right in the results. This opens up some new doors, and new criteria for determining what your best strategy will be.

What should You Do?

First, you need to make sure that you have a Google My Business page. If you don’t, then get one now. They are invaluable for driving local customers on the go to your place of business. From there you need to enable local extensions to make sure that your ratings appear.

Should You Change Your Strategy?

Some strategy changes that come to mind right now are:

  • Encourage more reviews and social media participation – this has always been important. Now it is more so. Having your rating next to your ad means having a 5 star rating is doubly important. You want people to keep giving your company 4 or 5 stars in order to stand out from the pack. If you have only one, you can be sure that people will notice. Make sure you get it.
  • Point it out – You’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it. We would make sure that your Meta description points out how high your review is. “A five star rating can’t be wrong” or “Our customers love us, and you will too.” Both of these focus in on your rating and use it to your advantage

Google AdWords is a great way to grow your business. Data shows that having a strong presence at the top in the paid ads area is a great way to drive traffic and business. Add that to the local extensions that help people in your area see how other people rate you, and now it is ever more vital to your success.

First, maintain a great rating – that’s up to you – but from there, make sure you show it off. Make a Google My Business page, enable the extensions, and show people how great you are.

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