You may have already noticed, but many companies are publishing frequent blogs on their websites, particularly in B2B industries. Blogs give you the opportunity to address industry trends and hot topics on an informal platform that your audience can easily access. But are there more benefits to blogging?

The answer is yes! Blogging is an effective tool to boost your website’s organic search ranking, conversion rates, and overall brand awareness.

Control Over Content

Providing your audience with quality content is essential to achieving high organic rankings on Google.  A blog should speak to the target audience of your firm, as it serves as a voice for the brand. Topics should be related to your primary products and cover helpful subjects that provide value to your customers. By covering topics relevant to your products and services, you establish authority in your industry and demonstrate your expertise. In doing so, you provide customers with confidence in the products and services you offer. Having control over your content also allows you to implement keywords and links to boost your organic search results.

Enhanced Linking

Internal linking is an extremely important part of search engine optimization. This is because linking establishes connections between your various web pages and improves your site’s flow. With more links, the site is easier to navigate and improves user experience, which is very important with Google’s new algorithm. Common ways to introduce this is by linking web pages, such as “About Us”, “Contact”, and information about products and services into blog posts.

Draws Web Traffic

Blogs give people a reason to continuously visit your website, boosting web traffic. Every time you write a blog, it becomes another indexed page on your website. This is helpful for search rankings because Google rates your website based on the amount of times it’s updated. Considering the majority of your website’s content doesn’t need regular updates, blogs provide an excellent way of showing constant activity on your site and reinforce your “freshness” factor.

Supports Social Media Efforts

Roughly 66% of social media marketers use blogs as part of their most recent campaign. Blogs are a great tool for social media because they give you high-quality content to share and talk about. As a result, web traffic will increase due to the social media buzz you’ve generated. By providing accurate and helpful information, more people will engage with your brand, increasing the amount of clicks, likes, comments, and shares you receive. This helps you reach a more diverse audience and increases the amount of leads you generate by nearly 67%.

Boosts Conversion

Conversion refers to people responding to your call-to-action and is a key source to business success. In most cases, a call-to-action involves starting a free trial, purchasing a product or service, or contacting your company for a quote. The main objective is to convert readers into clients.  Many blogs insert a call-to-action at the end that encourages readers to engage with the brand. Blogging is a cost-effective way of boosting conversion, with studies showing that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their promotional efforts.

The key to effective content marketing for SEO is a combination of seamless keyword integration and professional easy-to-read content. At BlueHat Marketing, our content writers work with you to develop your brand’s voice and reinforce your SEO and social media efforts. Get a free website analysis today to gain insight into your site’s performance!