If you’re up to date on the latest digital marketing trends, chances are you’ve heard about millennials. This term refers to the group of people born between the years of 1980 and 2000 and accounts for roughly 27% of the world’s population.

What sets millennials apart from other consumers? Their comfort with technology and rising disposable incomes when compared to generations before. Millennials are characterized by their conscious attitude towards social, economic, and environmental issues, which is partially credited to the increased awareness from social media.

Why Are Millennials Difficult to Target?

When compared to 1970, millennials have much more information regarding product choice with online searches filled with reviews, opinions, and alternatives. It’s not that millennials are necessarily more sophisticated than previous generations—they just benefit from increased access to information. This makes them much more educated consumers who need extra persuasion to purchase your product or service. It is estimated that we see nearly 4000 ads per day—so we cannot stress the importance of standing out in the crowd.

Millennials spend up to 27 hours per week scrolling social media on average, so what better place to cultivate a brand’s presence? Social media is a great tool that you can use to take your business to the next level. Using social media as a marketing platform boosts brand awareness and increases inbound marketing leads.

Focus Efforts Around a Key Message

Every social media platform demands a different tone, but not necessarily a different message. With LinkedIn, for example, you want to use a professional tone, compared to Twitter, which requires a more friendly, informal voice. By tailoring your tone to different social media platforms, you are giving consumers the information they are looking for when they log on. Your key message should reflect your brand’s personality across your social media campaign, communicating a clear objective.

Examples of social media marketing (SMM) campaign objectives include:

  • brand awareness (followers, new users, brand identity, and recall)
  • brand engagement
  • encouraging a free trial
  • being informative
  • brand consideration
  • conversions (sales, leads, offers, and promotions)

Once you’ve created an objective, you will need to craft the messages you will be using across your SMM campaign. By centering your efforts around a key message, millennials will have a better understanding of what your brand is all about. With so many messages encountered daily, a consistent brand image will show that your brand is strong in what it offers and is an option your customers can trust.

Emphasize Customer Engagement

By engaging with your customers, you boost customer loyalty, purchases, and retention—it’s the key to nearly every customer-oriented business objective. Millennials are known for their desire for instant gratification and results. When you respond to messages, comments, and posts, you show your millennial customers that you are there for them every step of the way.

Increase your customer engagement with millennials by launching a SMM campaign designed by a professional. Digital marketing specialists have the tools and experience required to make your next campaign gain traction with your target market.

Keep it Simple

To gain the best results, don’t overwhelm your millennial target customers with unnecessary information. Keep your message and campaign simple. Millennials seek concise and unbiased information that communicates the value of your brand. Try using informal messaging combined with high-quality images and shoppable links for the best results. By using visually appealing media, your organically draw customers to your brand offerings.

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