Your business is starting to mature, and so are sales. You have a solid base of loyal customers, but somehow acquiring new customers is more difficult than ever.

It’s not just you. Many businesses are facing this challenge in 2018. With an altered business landscape, the emphasis on digital marketing has never been this important.

By taking these initial steps, you ensure that you give your business the support it needs to flourish.

Step 1: Set Your Objective

To start, you will need to set the objective of your digital marketing strategy. Take the time to carefully think this process through. Failure to correctly identify the aspects of your business you wish to improve will result in alternate business outcomes that don’t align with your goals.

Different types of goals include:

  • Boosted sales
  • Customer dialogue
  • Increased value for customers
  • Cost savings
  • Expanding online presence

Your goals can include these aspects or a combination thereof. Keep in mind that oftentimes some of these objectives go hand in hand; for example, boosted sales and expanding online presence are complementary and, customer dialogue is considered a prerequisite for increased value. Once you’ve identified the general objective of your digital marketing strategy, you will need to set precise goals to ensure the success of the campaign.

A common way to do this in marketing is to make sure your goals are SMART:






Within this goal, be sure to include the target segment of your digital marketing campaign. This should be considered from a psychographic, demographic, and behaviouristic perspective. Usually, you’ll set these goals in conjunction with a digital marketing agency.

Step 2: Speak with a Digital Marketing Agency  

A digital marketing agency has the tools required to take your business to the next level. Generally, they will have the digital marketing services that include SEO, SMM, PPC, and web design. To gain a better understanding of your business, they will first evaluate its search ranking results, social media presence, and web design. From there, they will present options to improve your digital marketing in accordance with your goals.

Step 3: Define Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In combination with your digital marketing agency, you will formulate the correct digital marketing strategy to achieve your business objectives. Usually, this will start with SEO. An audit will be conducted of the existing website to determine areas that could be improved in addition to a market and competitive analysis. From here, keywords are found and integrated into existing or new content on the website.

However, this process is highly dependent on your goals. If you’re seeking to improve customer dialogue, for example, you may opt to instill a social media marketing campaign. Through this, you’re able to facilitate a rich dialogue with your customers and gain insights on what products they want and recommendations they have.

Step 4: Monitor Progress

Your digital marketing agency will provide you with performance results. These help you gauge the progress you’re making and are important indicators. One important indicator is called organic search. This shows you how many people are visiting your web page without having to pay for search ranking. Another commonly used metric is organic conversion rate. This gives you an overall idea of whether your value proposition is appealing to your target audience and is essentially the percentage of visitors that complete your desired goal.

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