Your website is more than just your online platform. It serves as a powerful marketing tool that extends the reach of your Toronto business and significantly increases your presence in the marketplace.

It’s important for your website to effectively communicate your company’s value proposition and clearly explain the products or services you offer because unlike a brick and mortar location, you aren’t physically present to do so yourself.

Although it takes time to develop a steady flow of web traffic, it’s important to focus your attention on the effectiveness of your website—no matter the size of your organization. We’ve all visited that website that looks like it has been crafted by an overzealous eight year old. It makes the services seem inferior when they very well may be excellent. A website analysis performed by a professional digital marketing agency gives you an idea of what needs to be improved and how these suggestions can be achieved.

What is a Website Analysis?

A professional website analysis is a useful tool for everyone who has a website. It provides you with the information necessary to make impactful changes and gives you insights on the search engine rankings it receives—essentially assessing the overall quality.

Some of the things a website analysis will assess:

  • Total number of site visitors
  • Percentage of visitors from various sources, such as inbound links, search engines, etc.
  • Total number of new visitors
  • Your website ranking according to keywords

This provides you will an understanding of what’s working and what isn’t.

What Are the Benefits of a Website Analysis?

Your current website may not be configured to optimize your search engine rankings in Toronto. This means that when customers search for a specific term, your website either doesn’t show up on the first page or doesn’t show up at all. That’s a troubling circumstance considering that 93% of web traffic comes from a search engine. A website analysis will determine the correct keywords that should be integrated into your site’s content for the most effective ranking result.

A website analysis also provides insights on where your web traffic is coming from. This is helpful for lead generation because now you can target your information to better suit the needs of your site’s visitors. Perhaps the majority of your customers actually aren’t from Toronto and, therefore, require different information from those who are.

Links are another essential component of your site’s SEO ranking, as they are indicative of the flow of your website. During the analysis, external, internal, inbound, and outbound links are checked to see if they are coherent and representative of your site’s professionalism.

Now, What Do You Do with the Information?

Once your website analysis is complete, your digital marketing agency will provide you with their recommendations according to your personal business goals. Together, you will craft a marketing strategy that boosts your exposure and generates the valuable leads you need to take your Toronto business to the next level.

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