Having a large following either on social media or for your website in general is a great way to get your product, service, or expertise in front of a large group of people. The power is exponential. They tell their friends, and their friends, etc. But just having any following shouldn’t be the goal. You want a dedicated audience – one that will interact, engage, and buy what you are selling, or at least tell other people about it. While there are many different paths to take, experts from around the web are pretty unanimous on how to grow your audience. Follow these tips and start getting engaged subscribers today.

  1. Good, frequent, unique, content

We bet you’ve heard something like this before. But it is so important that it needs to be repeated. Not only do you need to have good content, but you need to post frequently to keep people engaged, and also encourage them to engage within your content. Research has shown to post twice per day on Facebook and Twitter, and once on LinkedIn to reach your optimal audience. And don’t just stop at blog posts. Give your followers more unique stuff. Infographics, newsletters, video content, interviews, and surveys all go a long way in keeping users engaged.

Tip: One successful blog/content strategy that has worked in the past for us and others is to send blogs out in series, or have weekly special blog slots. For example, “Monday night interview with an SEO pro,” and choose someone who is good at SEO and pick their brain. You’d be surprised at how many will tune in to read it.

  1. Use analytics and focus on what works

Content is great, but the right content is even better. Focus on what works for you. If your audience loves step by step E-commerce how-to guides, then give that to them, and make yourself the go-to expert in the field. An interesting study across blog platforms showed that when popular blogs deviate from their cash cow topics, their viewership drops sharply. People are coming to you for what you do best, and that is what you should give them. Make sure you use analytics tools to determine what is working. Connect those posts across social media, and get people to share.

  1. Guest blogging

This one might be our personal favorite. I think that it is just a breath of fresh air. Almost like a vacation to a new and exciting, far-off exotic jungle. You are writing for a new site, with new people, and a new audience in niches that you never knew existed. One case study found a blogger growing their audience by 342% in one year. Now, of course that is an anomaly, and you shouldn’t expect that, but nothing bad can come from quality posts being put in front of new audiences. Build great relationships, expose yourself to new audiences, and watch your reach grow.

Getting a big following full of dedicated users that interact with you on a daily basis is the holy grail of the modern business world on the web. With one, you can see your profits and credibility skyrocket. If you are dull and don’t have anyone following you, then it is time to step up your game. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.