Thinking about spending money on pay-per-click advertising to increase your sales? You are on the right track. Search engines account for more than 92% of all traffic referrals to merchant sites, according to a report by Moz. Given that statistic, it’s clear that being on top of search results is the key to increasing business. This makes pay-per-click ads an undeniably powerful marketing tool to boost the traffic to your website, as they appear above all other results.

Investing in paid search listings can be extremely beneficial for the wellbeing of a business for two reasons: it works, and it is very efficient from a cost point of view. The paid listings will guarantee that your website will appear in the top results for keyword terms you target your audience with. Your advertising dollars will be focused on reaching people who are specifically looking for what you are selling.

An overview of paid search listings benefits:

  • They deliver highly-targeted traffic to your website made up of people ready to buy.
  • They are able to answer the exact problems customers need solving, as indicated by the choice of query terms.
  • People really don’t object to paid search listings. The text-only boxes on the search engines look sufficiently different from traditional advertising that most users ignore.
  • You can stop the campaign whenever you want. Simply drop your bid and cut the demand. You do not have to over commit to large budgets.
  • Paid listings give site owners quick visibility. With pay-per-click ads, your traffic gets a serious boost almost instantly.
  • They allow more control over the search terms your website will be associated with.
  • They can help you determine your best performing keywords.
  • Over the long term they will also increase your chances of ranking well on the organic listings. It’s a win-win situation.

Staying on top

If your competition is paying for search listings while you are not, you are automatically putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage by not taking any action. In today’s online world, it is not simply enough to work hard and have a good interactive website with strong content. You also have to engage in a mix of paid and organic SEO in order to distinguish yourself from the competition in order to succeed.