There are many ways to approach the problem of how to market your business online, including the concise yet vague idea of ‘following your heart’ and going with what you like to do. This might require a lot of thought and reflection and lead to choices which might not best serve your business from and SEO perspective.

To render this process more streamlined and effective, here are some tips to use when it comes time to isolating keywords that you want to base your online marketing strategy on:

  1. Focus on what you do best. You can stay within the realm of what you like to do but it’s best to further drill down into the specific thing that you do best. Asses all of your services and determine which one exemplifies your strengths in the most unique way.
  2. Narrow your scope / find your niche. Do some research online using Google and its Ads resources to find out what level of specialization people are searching on regarding your field, and try and zero in on the most specific words. For example, “doctor” is a generic profession while “gynecologist” is a more specialized version. In addition to that, associate a particular regional tag with your keyword, e.g. “gynecologist Toronto,” depending on your service area.
  3. Stay consistent. Once you’ve isolated what you do best and what your focus is in terms of specialty and location, keep pushing on those words to stay ahead of the game. Some fine tuning might be required as you collect data on how users are behaving, but generally speaking, SEO is a long term game that rewards websites for being around and relevant for extended periods of time. Gaining this seniority will cause search engines to consider you a valuable source for whatever products or services you’re marketing.

Navigating this whole process is a science in itself, which is why in order to get the most out of it in an efficient way, it’s best left to the experts. The Blue Hat team has put together several customizable SEO packages, including the comprehensive Hybrid SEO Package, in order to help businesses target those potential customers searching for what they are selling online.