There are a few proven tips used by professional companies around the world for optimizing landing pages so that they maximize conversions and minimize bounce rates. Here are some of the best landing page optimization tips from professionals who know how to get people clicking.

Landing page optimization tips

If you want to gently nudge your visitors in the right direction, you’ve got to build your landing pages the right way. Always make sure to:

  • Target customers specifically – the biggest mistake that companies make is using a generic page as a landing page. That’s not going to cut it. According to Unbounce, 80% of PPC traffic goes to an existing page such as a home page instead of a targeted one. Pages must be relevant, and related to what the visitor clicked to find you. For example, roll over the wording in your ad into headers on the page. If they’re looking to buy a custom guitar, then your CTA should reflect that as well.
  • Get to the point – customers who have landed at your site via a link from elsewhere are in prime converting mode. They are looking to buy what you’re selling. Get right to the point, and don’t beat around the bush. Move directly from the landing page to the confirmation, sale, or whatever else it is your conversions entail. When they click that button, they should be brought right to end of the deal.
  • Testify – let your satisfied customers testify for you. Most landing page professionals prefer a testimonial front and center. When other customers see that you are respected and make good on your promises, they are encouraged to follow through.
  • Don’t forget your secondary headline – a catchy, relevant, in-your-face headline is crucial, but a big mistake made by many companies is forgetting a secondary headline. It allows you to elaborate on your original one, and give the customer more information. Make sure it’s relevant, and conjures up emotion.

The page that customers first land on is crucial if you want them to convert, and it’s even more crucial when they come directly via an advertising resource. Some companies have dozens of landing pages or more, each optimized for a different keyword and relevant to an audience. Use these landing page optimization tips, and yours will start converting at much better rates.