So you’ve set up a landing page associated to your ads displaying all over the internet, selling a particular product or service. Just putting up a landing page is easy enough, but there’s really no point to it unless your page successfully compels visitors to buy what you’re selling. The question is: what does your landing page have to contain in order to convert visitors into buyers?

Every potential customer is unique, and so is every product or service. Despite this, there are some tried and tested methods that have been proven to reliably convert the traffic that lands on your page. These methods are: urgency, relevance and results.

Urgency: using scarcity to sell.

Landing Page Tips
Urgency is an instinctively motivating factor to humans. Ever try to write an essay two weeks before it’s due? What about two hours? In which case would you work harder? The very idea that a material such as oil, diamonds, or gold is scarce makes their value skyrocket. In fact, there are far more diamonds on the planet than you would think, but the diamond industry has you believing they are few and far between, hence justifying their ludicrous prices.


That being said, it’s important not to fall into the cheap “only 12 left at this price” urgency that so many websites use. Be keen to use scarcity or urgency in a more creative way. For example, try to show the customer the value that they will be losing out on if they don’t buy your product, or offer them a sign-up discount upon their first visit. Either way, using a sense of urgency can make the difference between getting your visitor to actually buy rather than leave and think about it.


This may seem obvious, but time and again we see companies make the mistake of not keeping their landing page completely relevant to the ads that they are connected to. Be sure that when you create your landing page, you are using the correct PPC keywords your customer used to find you. On top of that, be sure to emphasize the features that get them to buy like price, shipping time, benefits, reviews, testimonials, or payment options. Short, powerful, call-to-action phrases are a tried and tested method of increasing sales. Think that relevancy isn’t important? Why not ask Axway, a company that increased their ROI by over 291% with custom landing pages for of their PPC ad groups, according to Anvil Media.


Landing Page Tips
When a visitor to your site knows what to expect from your company, their confidence is boosted far more than if you had just left them in the dark. Some of the most common techniques are testimonials and social proof. Think about it in terms of your day-to-day life. If you tell someone that you are a great guitar player, they are probably going to think you aren’t, and just hyping yourself up. If someone else tells them that you are a great guitarist, you can bet that they are more likely to believe it.

So when a customer arrives to your website and sees how other people who have used your services succeeded, you can bet that they are going to be more likely to give you a chance. Take Wikijob, for example, a company that helps people succeed in their careers. Their split tests showed a 32% uptick in sales after adding testimonials to their sign-up page.

Don’t forget other forms of social proof as well. When your website, doesn’t matter if it’s a business, blog, marketing firm or writing service, shows how popular it is on social media on its page, it can drive visitors to trust it further.

Landing pages are the crux of any marketing campaign. They are your first and most pivotal chance to get your visitor to buy your product or service. The copy that you craft for the landing the page must be relevant and compelling in order to make new visitors become customers. In order to get customers to buy, you should use the proven techniques of urgency, relevance and demonstrable results.

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