Real estate marketing has shifted away from the traditional face-to face interaction between real estate broker and customer and moved online. In the past, real estate marketing used to involve newspaper ads or putting a sign in the yard and waiting for buyers to show up. But that’s not how clients are buying and selling today. Potential clients now use search engines when they start looking for an agent or a home.

When beginning a search related to real estate properties, there are usually three key attributes that people use: location, price, and characteristics. Search engine optimization allows the real estate agent to create visibility for his or her website through relevant keywords and based on these key attributes. With proper SEO strategies in place, not only can the listing appear higher in searches, but the playing field is also levelled, giving the local real estate agent a competitive edge against national online real estate services.

BlueHat Marketing can offer real estate website search engine optimization and online visibility specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate agents. We help real estate agents penetrate their local markets through the efficiency of cutting-edge digital marketing strategies such as the following:

  • · Targeting local keywords: BlueHat Marketing can help real estate agents capture local traffic by targeting geographically based keyword phrases. 80% of home shoppers begin their research with a local keyword phrase, like “(location) realtor.” BlueHat Marketing will optimize your website for search terms such as: (location) real estate, (location) homes for sale, (location) real estate listings and so on.

  • · Good quality content: BlueHat Marketing will help make your website a resource. One way to secure traffic to your site is to write original blog posts. These blog posts should provide information on school districts, crime rates, public transportation, and nearness of facilities such as clinics, shopping malls and so on. BlueHat copywriters can help you write interesting and relevant blogs on your website.

  • · BlueHat optimizes your site for mobile traffic: A mobile website is an important factor in real estate SEO. The majority of home buyers are searching for real estate on their mobile devices when on the move.

BlueHat Marketing understands the particular needs of real estate agents. Our SEO services directly align with the business objectives of real estate agents. We specialize in the design, creation and implementation of advanced search engine optimization solutions for complex SEO challenges and are always up-to-date on the latest technologies and developments.