The constant battles between tech giants are a favourite source of material for blogs and news publications. No saga has captured more attention lately than the epic struggle between Apple and Samsung over patent infringement. As of now, the two companies are involved in lawsuits in 10 different countries.

Most recently, as one might have guessed, the release of Apple’s iPhone 5 has created the latest addition to this patent war. Samsung has anticipated that it will sue Apple over patents that they believe the iPhone 5 infringes upon. They filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California yesterday.

Samsung’s general assertion about this ongoing legal battle is that Apple is taking measures to limit competition. Samsung claims to be reacting to this in order to protect their intellectual property. Apple meanwhile takes the high road and focuses on their valuing of originality and innovation in bringing products to delight their customers, and that these products are not meant to be copied by competitors. Since Samsung recently lost an important case against Apple with respect to patent infringement, it’s no surprise that they might be out for revenge against the iPhone 5.

This war’s end is not in sight yet, and while people read, talk and speculate about what the outcome will be, it’s important to remember one thing: all of this is putting tremendous attention on the mobile device world, and despite sometimes heavily polarizing users based on brand preference this attention will no doubt surge the ever-growing use of smart devices in general.

As more and more people switch to smartphones, competition between manufacturers will intensify. While these endless legal battles might seem annoying, they have important consequences for consumers and the businesses that are catering to them through mobile platforms. That’s why it’s crucial for us at Blue Hat to keep track of all these developments and their effects on the technologies and businesses they serve. Mobile web design, for example, is an area that we know well, thanks to our commitment to expanding our knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.