By now you are aware that SEO and social media are inseparable. Experts in the industry even go so far as to say that social is the new SEO. There’s a probably a generous teaspoon of hyperbole mixed in for flavour with that statement, but what can’t be denied is that the two complement each other well and when you do social right, your SEO benefits. Think about some of the direct benefits that it provides:

  • Social profiles provide valuable links for your webpage
  • Social media creates brand continuity and awareness
  • Social profiles provide a platform for showing your audience great content
  • Social media allows you to interacts with thousands of people for free

The good thing is that social media helps your SEO immensely and efficiently. The bad news is that the web is like one giant city that never sleeps. You’ve got to constantly be on your toes and always be monitoring things.

Want to start getting in the success and using social media the right way? Here is a handy to-do list laying out the bare essentials. Check them all off, and you’ll be well on your way to higher rankings:

  • Respond to social media messages

We know how hard it is to be constantly checking, monitoring your social dashboard, and responding to new comments and messages, but it’s extremely important. For local SEO, your reviews and your reputation across social media are essential. In a broader sense, engagement on social media results in more website visits and a further reach. Don’t neglect your followers!

  • Post quality content

First, know WHERE your audience is. Followers, likes, +1’s and connections don’t mean you have an audience. Use metrics to determine what’s actually working and where people are engaging with you the most. Then, find out which times are the best to post. New content was ranked highest in importance in a study on why people follow brands.

  • Try to find new customers to engage

Social media is full of people just waiting to follow you, listen to you, and buy from you. The majority of people these days are on social, and you can use your current audience as well as social media tools to help determine new keywords. Monitor conversations for mentions and new keywords. See what people are talking about when it comes to your company. You can gauge market interest, identify high-demand keywords, understand user intent, and more.

  • Run analytics

The best advice anyone can give is to be constantly monitoring, gauging, and adapting. Nothing is going to work right the first time. Having software and trained eyes dedicated to finding the right mix for you is key.

Social media might not be the new SEO, but it is extremely important to the success of any company. There’s a reason that companies are continuing to integrate social media into their optimization campaigns. Doing it right takes experience, but these 4 items from the social media/SEO to-do list will get you started down the right track.