There are many business owners who erroneously conclude that blogging is futile and a waste of time. We couldn’t disagree more! A business blog could be used to provide topical information to existing clients, prospective clients, and anyone else who wants to listen. In today’s online landscape, it’s simply essential both for enhancing SEO and user experience.

What are the advantages of professional blogging?

· Blogging allows you to interact and have a direct conversation with your readers.

· Through a blog you can directly address the interests, worries and concerns of your clients.

· Blogging offers a window to what your clients are thinking through comments sections. The comment section (either on the blog itself or on social media) allows you to see what interests your readers have or how they feel about some of the subjects you have chosen to cover in your previous blogs. This information will help you to choose related topics that will continue to provide interesting content to them.

· If you blog regularly, you will develop a following. You are the one providing information that people want, which positions you as an expert.

· Blogging will keep your site fresh with rich content and boost your search engine rankings. It can also capture additional traffic from people searching for topics related to your blogs.

Now that your blog is set up, what should you blog about?

Some business bloggers simply like to post informational articles about a particular service or product that their company offers. We think beyond the simple promotional blog. In our eyes, a blog is an opportunity to interact with readers and further understand their needs and interests. Remember, a blog should speak to your readers’ interests and not just promote yourself.

That being said, blogging requires a fairly large commitment. If you’re not writing constantly, your readers will forget about you. At a minimum, plan on posting to your blog at least twice a month with each post averaging 250 to 450 words. You can also add videos, audio clips, and promote new services or products that you are offering your clients.

The bottom line is that blogging is not something you can sit out on anymore. If you are not a natural writer and you want to establish a blog presence, the team of professional writers at BlueHat Marketing will be able to handle this task. After establishing a list of topics and a clear understanding of what your interests are, professional writers will draft informative and engaging posts for you to share with your readers on your website and on your social media platforms.