There was a time in the not-too-distant past when your town had a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker, and everyone went to them any time they needed their services. No advertising necessary. Things are easy when you don’t have competition. These days that just won’t cut it. You can buy food from 5,000 miles away and have it at your door in no time, pick from a dozen specialty bake shops in the metro area, and, well, nobody really buys candles anymore. With all of the competition, businesses have turned to new internet marketing tactics to get customers. Let’s look at some stats about social, video, and blogs and see how they help you grow.

15 Blogs per month

It may seem like a lot, but it’s only four per week roughly. Some might argue that you should tone it down and bit and we would agree. The fact remains that according to research by Kapost, brands that post an average of 15 blogs per month are crushing in the new lead department. They are averaging 1,200 leads every month from the posts. Of course for bigger brands those numbers are larger. You need to get writing now.

Pro Tip: Focus on quality and not quantity. This number is reflective of a general trend and not chiselled in to a stone tablet. We’d recommend a manageable two posts per week that are information rich, rather than more topics that will water your archives down.

Online video: 70% of internet traffic by 2017

It might seem mind boggling, but it is true. By 2017 most marketers believe that online video will make up 70% of consumer internet traffic. While there will never be a real substitute for the written word, people are clamouring for more videos with each passing day.

Pro Tip(s): The drawback to videos is that they are more difficult than writing a blog. Start small. Try doing whiteboard videos. They are cheap, effective, and professional-looking. Stay away from direct advertising and teach your consumers something useful.


This is the percentage of marketers who thought that LinkedIn was the most effective social media platform for B2B users. With costs getting higher, and more scrutiny being put on web marketing managers, it is important to fixate your resources on specific initiatives that are sure to return profit. This means that if you are a B2B, then cut out just about everything else and focus in on LinkedIn. Remember that people are there for different reasons. Stay away from clickbait and personal lists and quizzes. This isn’t Facebook.

The world of marketing is different than it used to be. You need to go to great lengths to get new leads. A wooden sign on the front door and a good location isn’t going to cut it. That’s why the projected spend on search engine marketing is going to hit the tens of billions very soon. Remember that social, video and blogs can help you grow and that without them, you will be finding it difficult to get customers.