Is your main online marketing focus getting your website to the top of Google search results for your keywords? That’s a worthy goal and will get you lots of visits, but what happens when a potential customer lands on your site? Have you taken the time to put yourself in their place and figure out how the look and feel of your site affects their experience?

According to The Stanford Web Credibility Project, you really should pay attention to how your site looks. The study found that fully 47% of web users make purchases based on the look and feel of a site. That means that about half of your customers are buying from you simply because your site is professional, informative and clearly laid-out.

How your website looks affects how good people feel with buying your products and entering their personal information. A professional looking site builds trust and positive associations with your products and services. People will regularly return to a site which provides such associations, bypassing your competition.

Too often, the look and feel of a business website is not a priority. Many business owners fall into the ‘good enough’ trap, putting up websites that will seemingly do the job in a minimal sort of way. These business owners are essentially losing half their prospects.

As a business owner, how do you secure that automatic 47% of potential clients? The answer is simple: hire an experienced professional graphic designer or team. What goes into a great website design is not that simple. Here are a few qualities to look for:

  • Brand-consistent colour palettes
  • High-quality, engaging photos and sliders
  • Simple and informative layout and navigation menus.
  • Compelling calls to action that stand out.
  • Browser and platform cross compatibility
  • Communication of your business activity following the 8-seconds-or-less rule

An investment in professional website design is absolutely crucial for any business. This type of work should not be left to an amateur. The results are instantaneous. Your calls will potentially double almost immediately simply due to going from a shoddy, unprofessional looking site to a streamlined, clearly laid out site that is attractive and informative.

The Blue Hat web design team consistently produces business websites that fulfill these criteria and beyond. Our web design packages are fully customizable, feature-rich and competitively priced –in a word: unbeatable.