Twitter has recently unveiled changes to their application’s functionality. This latest update entails two major changes: the inclusion of a cover picture to user profiles, and an update to the user interface of their iPad app.

The platform’s profiles pages in its desktop application have been re-designed to incorporate a cover photo into each profile, a feature reminiscent of Facebook timeline cover photos. Twitter’s edge in this race comes in the form of interconnection of user profile pics with the cover pics: the profile picture (or ‘avatar’) can be drawn from a small part of the cover picture, as seen below:

This update will allow users more flexibility in customizing their own profile pages, allowing for creative uses of the functionality to set profiles apart further than before. The background photo and profile photo options have been retained.

These changes have not yet been applied to the mobile version of the application, but iPad Twitter app updates have been announced. These updates expand the iPad Twitter interface to make it appear more like the desktop version, emphasizing the expanded viewing of content.

From a marketing perspective, this expanded functionality with emphasis on graphical customization and expanded content will allow brands to better represent themselves online. It will allow more consistent branding across platforms, which was a former sticking point with Twitter as their applications varied considerably across platforms.

This new ability to enhance the graphical branding of a Twitter profile will require the services of professional graphic design and marketing teams such as the staff at Blue Hat. Twitter page design is a specialty of our professional web design services.