If you are an avid Twitter user, you might be aware of the Twitter widget feature, which allows you to embed your Twitter feed in your website or blog. Previously, you could only embed your own twitter feed, as you would see it on the Twitter website. This would be the feed composed of all the tweets that you post or re-tweet, updated in real time.

Twitter recently announced a new development of this feature. Users can now embed a Tweet Timeline that can be composed of different feeds, from your own Tweets, to those of a particular list of users you created, to a search feed displaying Tweets containing a certain hashtag.

These new embeddable feeds are updated in real time and fully interactive. Links and hashtags are fully clickable and will take you directly to the source. One can also favourite, reply and re-tweet directly from the widget.

This feature will now give website owners, from bloggers to merchants, the ability to enhance their site with rich interactive content updated in real time that is relevant to the content on their site. Here’s an example using a search for the term #seo.

The Tweets in the widget are also fully expandable, so you can display images within a Tweet as you normally would within a stream on the Twitter site.

The updates arrive in real time, so there could be some noise within the stream if users tag words incorrectly. Also, there is a built-in filter feature that can be turned on to block inappropriate content from displaying within the widget.

This new feature adds a generally enriching flavour to a given post or site, allowing readers to catch a glimpse into what the Twittersphere is saying on a given issue, brand or product. It is not to be used to support a specific point on a given topic, since the Tweets fly by in real time and are not curated beyond the search parameters and filter.

It does have the potential to make content come alive, allowing users to delve deeper with recourse to public opinion. With enough positive chatter about a given brand, for example, business owners could use this to their advantage to provide on-site crowd-sourced reviews and information for their products or services. With the expertise of Blue Hat’s professional team specializing in SEO services and social media marketing, this new feature could make your website come alive and engage users in a meaningful way –a crucial step in building your brand.