As a business owner, you might have been faced with this question on many occasions: is SEO something you should tackle internally? Or should you outsource your SEO to an external company?

Time and time again, the facts point to a clear decision: you should definitely outsource your SEO to a professional and reputable agency. After all, the average business will have a limited amount of hours per week that it can invest into marketing itself. There will always be other more pressing tasks to take care of that require your full attention and it is very likely that your SEO efforts and strategy will take the backseat as a result of your busy schedule.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing your SEO campaigns?

  • Professionals will manage your account. You will have a dedicated team of specialists constantly keeping on top of the latest SEO strategies. Our team will continually keep up with your word rankings and implement strategies that will drive leads to your website.
  • You will save time. SEO can be time consuming, so it will free you up to pay attention to your other tasks.
  • Return on Investment. An important component to managing any SEO strategy is the ability to measure return on investment. Our team is constantly monitoring information and metrics that are important to your business. We will be able to track and manage results on a real-time basis.
  • Informative Reports. We write all our clients regular reports to update them on their status of their campaign. Our reports include information such as traffic, number of page visits, time on the site, ranking for keywords we are trying to optimize, and qualified leads that come through the web site’s contact form.
  • SEO Analytics Reports. BlueHat Marketing will regularly check SEO analytics on your site and evaluate where your links are coming from, what keywords have been used to find your site, and what pages/articles are being read most frequently.

The competition for online attention should never be underestimated. If you are in a competitive business, be it travel, finance, web design, real estate or any number of others, the competition for traffic from search engines is cut-throat. Do not allow your competitors to overshadow you – contact BlueHat Marketing today to discuss implementing an SEO strategy for your business.