This year’s big buzz is all about how online content is consumed, in other words, what devices and platforms people are using to interact with the online world.

How is internet content consumed?

A nice picture of the breakdown of internet content delivery platforms emerged out of an effort by to visualize one of the past year’s most written about trends. The infographic below addresses a few questions related to internet content delivery. First, there’s a general breakdown of internet users by country, then a deeper analysis of mobile device use by country, spun around subscriber and device sales numbers.

Are mobile devices on the rise?

According to the data in this infographic, they are indeed. In 2012, smart devices have aggressively gained ground as online content delivery devices, especially in the US. What’s more, the mobile war heated up significantly this year, with Android devices greatly surpassing Apple platforms to capture a large portion of the market.


Are the PC’s days numbered?

These trends certainly could be read to suggest that mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets, are seriously threatening to overtake the PC as the primary mode of consumption of online content. Non-smartphones (i.e. regular cellphones) are virtually obsolete, and providers are scrambling to meet the demand caused by heavy data usage on mobile devices. The devices themselves are getting more and more powerful every day, to the point of rivaling the processing power of fairly decent laptops.

With all this in mind, we predict that sometime very soon, perhaps deep into 2013, mobile devices will no longer be the threatening up-and-comers and become the main platforms for internet content consumption (as opposed to content creation, which is another story).

From a business perspective (the content producers) this is great news, if and only if your business seizes the opportunities it presents. This means diving into the mobile world, from websites to social media apps to ads, in a big way. The BlueHat team is on top of these rising mobile trends, and we’re here to help your business get that advantage through our customized online marketing packages.