From relatively modest beginnings, our small agile team of SEO and marketing experts, web designers and copywriters achieved serious recognition in the industry through a dedicated focus on putting the customer first while growing our own brand and developing tools to help us reach our goals.

First, BlueHat became a Google AdWords Certified Partner. This means that we are a recognized and trusted service provider when it comes to AdWords campaigns and keyword research. Being recognized by Google in this way is a relatively rare achievement in the industry and reflects a level of excellence in customer service.

In addition to that,, an independent authority in ranking internet marketing agencies, has recently put BlueHat in its Top 3 agencies for Local SEO in Canada, and Top 10 agencies for Search Engine Optimization in Canada overall.

This means that the BlueHat team is close to the top among thousands of internet marketing agencies in Canada, as evaluated by TopSEOs’ rigorous process.

TopSEOs main mission is to “evaluate and identify the best companies that provide services and products in the internet marketing industry.”

This achievement entails a level of certification and recognition that few SEO companies ever reach. It is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to excellence in customer service and the development of smart, cutting-edge tools to help reach our goals.

Finally, 2012 ended on a high note with a BlueHat Marketing appearance on Yahoo News.

2013 will be a year of further development and expansion for BlueHat. The implementation of new technologies such as the new client report center will allow further refinement of SEO and marketing strategies to support BlueHat’s ongoing focus on customer service. We started off the year strong with a mention for BlueHat Marketing in  Yahoo News.

We’re looking forward to pushing our dedication to quality customer service even further this year and becoming the industry standard for SEO and web design in Canada.

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