Even though great search engine optimization requires a lot of work and time, there are still plenty of “hacks” that you can do right now (after you’re done reading this!) that will boost your businesses web traffic. In this entry, we’ll focus on some on-page SEO tips that will start bringing more visitors to you right away.

On-page SEO is like the basic equipment for a sport: it doesn’t matter how much the rules or tactics of the game change, you still need it to play. Back in ancient SEO times, it was everything. Nowadays, it’s only a small (albeit important) part of a much larger picture.

Want to know how important it is? Think of it this way:

Without social media, content, or local optimization, on-page would still be very effective. Without on-page, the others are pretty much for naught.

Here are a few ways to spruce your site up to bring more unique visitors:

  • Title Tag Optimization: If you’re going for a keyword, put it toward the beginning of your title tag. Google has stated that the first 3-5 words are weighed more heavily than the rest.
  • Optimize your URLs: Making your URLs user-friendly is a great SEO tip. com/local-seo-service is a great example of an optimized URL. It contains a keyword we’re ranking for and tells the user exactly what to expect (cue patting ourselves on the back).
  • Add in some awesome multimedia: Videos, images, infographics, and more can boost your user engagement and make your content better to read. If they’re optimized properly, they’ll also send more signals to Google, too!
  • Link Internally: Linking between your own pages boosts SEO immensely. Link toother blog posts or pages frequently within your site.
  • Use Related Keywords: Here’s a neat trick….scroll down to the bottom of the search results page for your target keyword and see the related searches. Sprinkle a few of those into your posts and pages to boost your ranking.
  • Add social sharing buttons: Buttons can boost your social sharing by 700%, according to a study by BrightEdge. Social signals might not be directly related to your rankings, but the extra traffic that they drive is a boon to your number of visitors, and that in turn affects your rankings.
  • Lower your bounce rate: Your bounce rate is simply the % of people that land on your page and quickly leave. You can lower it many different ways, but it all comes down to great web design. When your site is properly designed and done with purpose, it improves speed, functionality, and layout, enticing users to stay on your page longer. Other tips are to use smaller images, shorten blog introductions, use responsive design, bring content above the fold, and reduce the number of pages on your site.

Improving your on-page SEO will lead to better traffic, in many cases instantly. It’s because on-page factors are the bread and butter of Google’s algorithm. It helps the engine tell exactly what you’re about, and, more importantly, lets visitors know what’s in store for them. Use these seven tips and you’ll see an organic traffic boost quickly. Of course, more traffic is just the beginning of sustainable SEO. If you’re interested, BlueHat Marketing would love to hear from you.