There is no greater asset to your company than a beautifully designed website. Stunning design engages visitors, keeps them on your site longer, and helps push them down your sales funnel. To help you understand how BlueHat’s web design team helps to increase sales, we’ve compiled some recent stats from across the web on how web design and SEO work together to grow your company

We’ve entered an age where making a company website is easier than ever before. With 81% of consumers conducting online research before buying products, your website will make or break most of your sales. But just because making a site can be easy, doesn’t mean putting up a cheap stock website is going to do the trick—at least not in a competitive market like Toronto, where consumers expect the best.

Your site needs to have a mixture of an attractive design, lightning-fast functionality, easy navigation, engaging content, and a layout that’s optimized to convert customers. When executed properly, your site becomes more than just a home for your company on the Internet—it becomes a sales asset that generates profit. Here are some the most recent stats to prove the value of great web design.

  • Customers want to be engaged. Your customers are yearning to be engaged (and we aren’t talking about tying the knot!). 66% of customers would rather read something integrated in an elegant designed than something plain (Adobe). Time is at a premium, and with most people using multiple devices and taking in a flood of information daily, you’ve got to provide a design that helps people prioritize. Our design experts will create your landing pages in a way that focuses customer’s attention on the info that matters.
  • Customers won’t wait long for your site to load. Every second counts on the web. 47% of customers expect a site to load in two seconds or less, and 40% will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load (KissMetrics). Unless your site is designed and structured right, it will take too long to load (who has five seconds or more these days?). The longer visitors have to wait, the more they’ll want to move along to a competitor.
  • Customers know what they want. The reason SEO is a high return on investment is because it targets customers that are already looking to buy. Once they click on your site, they expect to see what matters to them most. 86% want to see info about your products and services immediately (KoMarketing). That’s good news for you! The vast majority of visitors landing on your site are looking for one thing: what you’re selling! Your site needs a layout and content that gives them what they want.

Web design and SEO go hand-in-hand. Visitors have plenty of options, so you’ve got to have a site that makes them want to stay. Usability, speed, design, and layout are key to optimizing your sales funnel. These recent statistics prove the value of great web design. BlueHat’s design team will provide you with an asset that is fully dedicated to helping your company grow.