We are pleased to announce: BlueHat Marketing wins a “Best Workplace in Canada 2020” Award!

You might be thinking, “Well, that is very nice for you… but how does that impact me?” 

At BlueHat, we understand the importance of not only hiring, but also retaining some of Canada’s top talent. Our employees are the key to our success and yours, so it is our company’s priority to provide a work environment that spurs on creative thinking and problem-solving for our clients. 

These facts demonstrate the importance of this award:

  • A recent Levell study found that 60% of workers experience performance drops if they experience chronic stress and/or burnout. We provide up to five weeks of vacation to alleviate that possibility.
  • A Kronos research study shows that 95% of human resource managers think stress is what causes a lack of workforce retention. We maintain high standards in our work procedures to increase confidence and reduce stress and pressure.
  • According to Talent Works International, happy employees experience 31% higher productivity and display three times more creativity than their unhappy counterparts. The happiness of our employees is always a priority, and it shows in the results we get for our clients.

Our employees were surveyed and our company’s success was tracked, which are the key components for getting this award. (It was not just based on an outside panel of judges!)

Even though the statistics support our methods for doing business, it really takes more than eliminating stress, increasing personal happiness, and providing outstanding benefits. 

At BlueHat, our employees are enthusiastic about meeting new challenges and are committed to achieving the highest possible outcome for each and every client on a daily basis. 

“We want our employees to feel fulfilled and appreciated every single day. That is what sets us apart.”  – Fadi Azba, CEO

Our workplace is set up to stimulate thought and action; and in fact, mechanical thinking is discouraged unless it contributes to the overall efficiency of the campaign. We stretch ourselves, as a team, to provide outstanding services in addition to reaching for new applications, upcoming trends, and the latest in SEO techniques.  

team work

best place to work 2020 logoBeing awarded one of the “Best Workplaces in Canada” for businesses with less than 100 employees is exciting. We feel lucky to have some of Canada’s top tech, design, and strategic marketing professionals. We are thrilled that we have developed a workplace that has been commended for being “a great place to work.”

Best Workplaces awards companies from a group of certified organizations that meet the highest levels of criteria. It is considered one of the most respected recognition programs for companies that have built high-trust and high-performance cultures.

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