SEO is a fascinating, constantly evolving field. And unlike other services, a successful SEO campaign can be a hard thing to guarantee in advance. 

Unfortunately, some SEO companies promise the moon and don’t deliver. At BlueHat, we’re here to prove to you that we are deserving of your trust.

Since 2009, BlueHat Marketing has been in the forefront of the search engine optimization industry. We’ve been recognized as one of the pioneers in the local scene, and we are humbled to do our part to help businesses thrive. 

Our clients are not all local, and many hail from different parts of the globe. Not only do we provide SEO services, we’re also trailblazers in the digital marketing, social media marketing, and web design spaces.

Top SEO Companies Clutch Canada 2021

Last year, our team received an award from Clutch, an international B2B review platform, as one of the top B2B companies for 2020. And we are proud to announce that this year, we’ve also snatched a major award from their platform. Recently, we received another award for Montreal’s top SEO agencies 2021. 

“A great achievement for our company, we are thrilled to be part of Clutch’s top B2B companies for 2020.” — Fadi Azba, Chief Executive Officer of BlueHat Marketing

We are proud of this achievement and you can find us on Clutch to view our reviews there. Here are some of our clients’ quotes:

“We never feel like we’re throwing money at an unknown company to do the bare minimum. They enthusiastically communicate both new ideas and results.” 

— CPA & Marketing Manager, Law Practice

“The growth we’ve seen has exceeded our expectations. As is common with retail businesses, we do about 80 percent of our annual sales during November and December. We had a very successful Christmas. There was a small loss of about 10 percent. For us, it was a huge success because last year we didn’t know if we’d even make it to 2018.” 

— CEO, The Sweet Basket

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