Content marketing is a popular online marketing strategy today, and it is gaining popularity among B2B marketers. According to a report by Holger Schulze, 83.5% of B2B marketers polled said they were increasing their content marketing efforts over the next year, in contrast to the 71% of last year.

B2B Marketer Goals

B2B marketers use content marketing for a variety of purposes, but the top 3 have been found to be:

  1. Lead generation: 68%
  2. Thought leadership/market education: 50%
  3. Brand awareness: 39%

Most Popular Content Marketing Tactics

B2B marketers use a wide range of tactics to achieve their goals, but focus on the following top approaches:

  • case studies (62%)
  • whitepapers and e-books (61%)
  • press releases (58%)
  • newsletters (55%)
  • blogs (51%)

It is interesting to note that B2B marketers were putting less emphasis on traditional advertising such as advertorials (11%), community threading (12%), and virtual events (18%).

The top tactics were also found to be among the most effective, whereas the lesser-used ones were correspondingly, and not surprisingly, less effective overall.

Graphical content is the tactic that is gaining the most popularity among B2B marketers, as 43% say that it is the most effective content tactic compared to 28% last year.

What Makes Content Great?

In terms of the features of great and engaging content, B2B marketers cited engaging and compelling storytelling, originality, and customized content, followed by well-edited copy and professional writing:

SOURCE: 2012 B2B Content Marketing Trends Survey, by Holger Schulze for Optify.

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