Several years ago, a commonly used SEO tactic consisted of writing articles containing links to a website and submitting them to ‘article directories’ –huge repository sites of these articles on the web. These sites were unedited wastelands of random articles blasted all over the web by SEO specialists looking to boost a site’s ranking with backlinks.

The Good Old Days of SEO

The thing is, back then it actually worked. With a relatively small investment in time and money, articles could be cranked out, spun, and plastered all over the internet, creating legitimate backlinks to a given site, boosting its ranking within a couple of weeks.

Along Comes Panda

It’s no secret that SEO techniques are at the mercy of Google and its mysterious ranking algorithms. With the arrival of the Panda update, so called ‘article marketing’ was dealt a fatal blow. Article directory sites dropped in ranking tremendously since their content had never really gained readership and was never helpful to people conducting web searches in general.

Panda changed the game by forcing people to generate actual quality content that was informative and well-written. Online marketers can no longer get by with just pumping out generic content spun a thousand times that barely makes any sense to a human reader.

The Rise of Guest Blogging

Desperate to find a solution to this new problem, SEO services providers came up with the idea of submitting quality articles to existing sites (blogs) that were well ranked and had some kind of readership and authority in their field. Sites of this nature which allowed guest blogs blossomed, as all of a sudden a mutual relationship between the need for constant quality content and quality backlink propagation developed.

Nothing is Easy

This solution may seem neat, but it involves a process that is much more involved and resource-tapping than the old way of pressing out sub-standard texts. For one, your content must be good (great if possible). It has to be informative or entertaining or at least engaging in some way to be accepted. On top of that, you’ll only get good SEO ‘juice’ out of this if the sites you are guest-posting on actually do have a decent readership and page rank. If not, you are seriously wasting your time generating content that no one will see.

We Can Help

The Blue Hat team consists of experts in SEO, online marketing and content writing. We all work together to stay on top of these trends and craft solutions that make the most sense in the current online landscape. We generate quality content, find relevant blogs and other sites that fit a given client’s niche and interact socially across all relevant platforms to extract the most results for a given budget. Our efficiency is constantly refined by our knowledge and expertise, allowing us to keep our partners ahead of the competition at all times.