With so much emphasis on how online strategies can help market your business, increase your sales and expand brand awareness, it’s easy to forget that there’s a world of real people out there that are more than ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ on your website. These are your customers, and attracting their attention and maintaining their loyalty takes more than just convincing them to like your page on Facebook.

It turns out that this basic idea is best illustrated by the B2B marketing world, which reports that in-person interaction is one of their top marketing strategies, along with e-mail and social media marketing. According to a survey from Constant Contact, 68% of B2B companies surveyed said that in-person interaction is effective for their organization.

In-person interaction is crucial for small B2Bs
This might not be surprising, since the small B2B world is based on large orders, and marketers are often dealing with companies which feature a small number of people, allowing easier access to owners or executives. This avenue puts an increased importance on personal relationships between companies that ensures the importance of in-person contact in marketing.

What about social media for B2B marketers?

According to this study, social media seemed less important to small B2B marketers than B2C ones (38% vs. 56%). Social media is still important for small B2Bs, and of all the platforms available today, Facebook dominates their landscape. What this data suggests is that social media plays a supporting role in marketing B2Bs. It strengthens the bonds made by in-person interaction and creates a sustained foundation for growth.

Growth is the top worry of small businesses

According to this same survey 76% of small businesses cite attracting new customers as their number one concern. The combination of in-person interaction and social media marketing creates a powerful synergy that neither of these tactics can achieve on their own. The key is to figure out the right balance of the two for your company.

Let us handle your online world

While company representatives are out in the physical world making connections and securing leads for your business, our team of online marketing experts is there to ensure that your efforts are supported by the community-nurturing power of social media. This process is an ever evolving campaign that works with your real-world developments to tighten all the loose ends and bring everything together into a powerful tool to attract new customers and grow your business.

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