If you have been checking in with the Blue Hat site recently, you may have noticed that we have rolled out a brand new streamlined design. This week our web development team completed the fully re-designed site which features a simple, modern look that was created in accordance with our design philosophy: to be concise, user-friendly, informative and compelling.

Since web design is an important service that we offer, we use our own website as an example of how we design them for our clients. In essence, an effective business website needs to do 3 things:

  • Attract potential customers (generate leads)
  • Keep visitor’s attention (reduce bounce rate)
  • Convert a visit to a sale (compelling content, contact form and call to action)

This latest version of our site is the perfect representation of what we can do for you. Here are some points that every business website needs to reflect:

Clutter reduction. The text content of the site should be clear and concise. We only use as many words as needed to accurately describe a service or package. More details can be viewed as an option for the visitor, but the overall site is relatively text-light.

Icon navigation. In addition to the standard text navigation menu our site features sharply designed icons that intuitively summarize each service. They serve to both retain attention and inform the user.

Simple descriptions. Some of our services can be very specialized and technical, but we always try to write about them in terms that anyone can understand. Being accessible to all experience levels with the Web and its technologies is important in converting leads into sales.

Ease of contact. The importance of clear, user-friendly contact methods is absolutely crucial for any business website. We feature our phone number prominently at the top of the page, supported by contact forms and maps integration throughout the site and its inner pages.

In addition to the design work, our website also contains SEO-friendly features that allow it to be better indexed by search engines and enjoy a high ranking, from streamlined urls to validated templates to rich content. We are currently ranked first for the following keywords: seo services montreal.

Take this opportunity to move around our site and see our work for yourself. Check out our web design services section for more information and get in touch to give your website a new, more professional and compelling look.