While many businesses are still shying away from fully entering the waters of social media, real estate agents seem to have dived in headfirst. Professionals working in the real estate industry are now using social media tools and platforms as a means to promote their services and reach out to a wider circle of home buyers and sellers. This should not come as a surprise to us, after all real estate is an industry that has long depended on referrals and networking. What better way to achieve these goals than through social media activity?

The Advantages of Social Media for Real Estate Agents

· Social media allows real estate agents to establish personal relationships with potential clients.
· Social media gives agents the ability to promote services and listings to target audiences in specific geographic locations.
· Social media enables people to search for properties, collaborate and connect with new prospects.
· For consumers, social media creates trust and fosters a willingness to connect and engage with agents. People today would much rather engage through social media rather than traditional websites or real estate portals.
· Facebook, for example helps agents target their ads to an audience using demographic data provided by the network.

Social Engagement is Key

Social media is an efficient marketing staple for every real estate agent. Facebook and Pinterest in particular are a driving force of the next wave of online marketing tools for real estate professionals. If you are a real estate agent, make sure you are leveraging the power of social media business pages to increase leads and generate more buzz about you.

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