Google has its own mechanisms and standards for calculating the worth and importance of links. In a fraction of a second, Google’s search algorithm will be able analyze your website and compute how many backlinks it has, in addition the value of each individual link.


What are the criteria by which Google measures the utility of links and a website’s authority?

Google ranks sites based on how authoritative they are in their respective field. If a website is delivering relevant content that is being linked to and shared by other respected sources, it will have authority in the eyes of the Google search engine algorithm. In short, if you have a lot of quality web sites that link to your website you are going to do well in Google’s organic results.

BlueHat Marketing efficiently builds valuable links to a website so that Google and other search engines will come to see it as an authority, thus allowing it to rank well in organic results for related search terms.

BlueHat Marketing link building best practices:

Establish positive relationships with possible link partners. Establishing connections with reputable partners will further help you on your quest to become an influencer in your field.

Create unique content that drives people to your website. Creating unique and relevant content that people will want to share.

Evaluate links and purge unnecessary or poor quality links. Not all links are created equally. We will go through all linking partners and check for quality. Links that are deemed to be from not so valuable sources will be eliminated.

Create quality links. The only links that will remain on your website will be good quality links.

Use effective anchor text and headlines for all links.

In many cases, business owners think that the solution is to create thousands of links to their website so that it can achieve high ranking. That is simply not the truth. Regardless of what industry you specialize in, the links that determine your success are determined by quality and never by quantity.

We advise any website owner to save time, trouble and ensure future effectiveness by doing things right from day one. Approach the link building process as a long term goal. Do not approach it as a mission that has to be completed in two weeks. For best results, link building must be a long term and ongoing project.