Following the high rankings awarded to us for excellence in SEO (both local and general) from TopSEOs, the BlueHat Marketing team now finds itself at the very top of the list for web design and development services in Canada, as ranked by the same independent agency.

I sat down with Peter Olejnicki and David Foscato, my teammates in the BlueHat Marketing web design & development department, to discuss what sets us apart when it comes to providing professional web design services for our business clients across Canada and the U.S.

What puts BlueHat Marketing’s web design service ahead of the rest?


Attention to detail

This was the first quality that jumped out of the discussion as soon as the question was asked. Our team is detail-oriented from start to finish when it comes to building websites. After creating quality Web material for a client, we triple-check everything from the content to the layout to the graphics and images to ensure the professionalism of our clients is reflected on every page of their site.

Customer service

This is perhaps our most important quality that goes the furthest in setting us apart from the competition. Our team is unique in responding to our client’s needs promptly and efficiently. In short:

  • We listen to our clients’ needs
  • We are dedicated to being available to communicate with our clients
  • We offer personalized, one-on-one service
  • We handle requests efficiently

The main reason our team can provide such personalized service is that we are 100% local and in-house. We familiarize ourselves with our client’s needs and constantly think about how to surpass them on an ongoing basis.

Originality and Customization

Beyond providing our clients with professional and personalized service, we make them stand out from the crowd with original web design. We don’t simply do what’s required and call it a day. Since we love what we do and we have an in-depth rapport with our clients, we pride ourselves on providing original solutions for their online presence. We are always looking for new ways to distinguish ourselves and our clients by staying educated and on top of the latest trends and movements in web design, from graphics to layout to content writing.