If you’re a business owner, it’s absolutely crucial that your website contain the following features. This list isn’t exhaustive, but by ensuring that at least these 10 things are addressed, you can significantly improve your traffic and conversions, leading to increased sales.

1. Clearly visible text-based phone number on homepage

It’s probably obvious that your phone number should be on your website, but it’s positioning is key. On top of that, a text-based number will be picked up by search engines and can be copied and pasted by users for quick reference.

2. Call to action on every page

A call to action can often make-or-break an entire site. Short, compelling statements should engage visitors to call your business. They should be clearly visible on every page.

3. Limited menu items

Your website should be rich in content, but not give users too many options. You need to be informing them, but with the goal of getting their call always at the forefront. Don’t confuse your potential customers with too many pages in your menu.

4. About us page

This is where you should discuss the who, what, where and why of your business. Be concise and highlight as many facts as possible about your real achievements, not your opinions about how great you are.

5. Maps / directions widget

Assuming you are a physical business that you want to encourage people to visit in person, Google Maps widgets are a must. They are free and easily integrated into your site. They will enhance your site from a mobile user’s perspective in particular.

6. High quality large images

Images are important in order to retain visitor’s attention, and they can also quickly indicate the level of professionalism associated to your company. Poorly done pictures can instantly turn people off and bring your whole business into question.

7. Business hours

Whether or not you are a business that people can visit in person, you need to let your visitors know when you are in operation. This is an often-overlooked detail that can really improve your user experience and get more people coming to your business.

8. Testimonials / reviews

This is probably one of the most important features of a business website, period. People trust the feedback of other clients a lot more than anything you can say about your own business. Links to review sites are crucial in this respect.

9. Social media integration

It’s most likely obvious to you at this point that social media is important to the growth of your business. That’s why you need to ensure that your social media profiles are all interlinked with your site.

10. Mobile and tablet friendly

It is absolutely essential that your site simply work across all platforms nowadays. There’s no need for separate versions per se, many templates can be responsive to different platforms automatically. If you are in on this growing trend, you will be ahead of the curve and have an edge over your competition.

Ensure that these features are implemented: hire a professional

Hiring professional web designers like those on the BlueHat Marketing team is the best way to ensure that your site not only satisfies these crucial requirements, but also goes beyond the bare necessities and gives you a real edge in your market. On top of it all, quality websites need to be maintained and updated properly, another reason to stick with the pros at BlueHat.