You’ve probably heard of the expressions ‘blood diamond’ or ‘conflict diamond’ used to refer to those stones that come from war-torn areas of Africa and fund warlords and their exploits. A new expression related to this is emerging in the tech world: ‘conflict minerals.’ Certain minerals like tin, tungsten and gold are in high demand in the tech industry, as they are vital in the construction of everything from motherboards to iPhones. Just like diamonds, these minerals can often come from areas like the Congo, where the rule of law is virtually non-existent and minerals are harvested in horrible conditions for the gain of local warlords and their armies.

A few companies have emerged as leaders in a new wave of conflict-free supply chain assurance, namely Apple, HP, Intel and Motorola. These companies have responded to growing concerns about the source of the materials used in their products and have developed programs that audit their entire supply chain in order to stamp out questionable sources, right down to the mine where the minerals themselves are extracted. Hopefully this will inspire other companies to follow suit, as consumers increasingly become aware of the sources of the components they buy.

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