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BlueHat Marketing traces its roots back to 2005, when the internet landscape was a far cry from what it is today.

At that time, BlueHat Marketing founder and CEO, Fadi Azba, saw the potentially transformative marketing power of search engine optimization. Believing that businesses of all sizes, and across sectors, should have a prominent web presence that reaches their target audience, Mr. Azba launched BlueHat to help companies grow by harnessing the power of search and propel them to new heights.

Starting with a core group of only three employees, BlueHat Marketing has remained true to its original mission while continuously evolving to stay at the leading edge of technological development. Today, as a market leader in search engine optimization, at the local, national and international levels, BlueHat also offers the full suite of services businesses need to thrive online, including website development, social media marketing, PPC campaign management and more.

Over the years, BlueHat has helped thousands of businesses rise up the ranks of search engine results pages by deftly navigating the complexities of evolving search engine algorithms and digital marketing practices.

Playing a pioneering role in the field, BlueHat has been unwavering in its commitment to deliver results for its clients by enabling its multidisciplinary team to find and leverage growth opportunities through an ION thinking approach.

BlueHat’s team has evolved and grown over the years, but it has never lost sight of its core value – the relentless pursuit of excellence. This commitment has helped many talented employees advance their careers and flourish in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Today, armed with robust processes, refined strategies and cutting-edge technologies, BlueHat’s talented team continues to provide results for a wide-ranging group of clients through an unwavering commitment to their success.

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