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You usually only get one chance to make a good first impression. That’s why you need a great-looking, highly-functional website to engage with your customers and market your business online.

You also need a website built with SEO in mind. BlueHat can build it for you, and unlock your website’s true potential.

Technically Sound

We make sure that your website architecture is extremely well-designed, clean and error-free, capturing all the elements in the project scope and ensuring that everything from load speed to mobile optimization works together seamlessly.

User Experience is Key

We build sites with the user in mind. Our innovative designers create sites that are both functional and beautiful, marrying a focus on intuitive navigation with an aesthetic sensibility that boosts customer brand engagement.

Inspired Content & Visuals

Our designers and developers understand the power of simplicity, visuals and negative space within the context of the user journey. Based on your vision, they curate an experience that incorporates the right balance of visuals, SEO-optimized copywriting, CTAs, videos and more.


Our Web Design Process

Building a killer website that helps grow your business is about more than wireframes and programming. Along with graphic design considerations, translating your vision requires a scope, a well-defined audience, optimized architecture, a content plan, testing and more.

Start With Research: Defining Your Goal

Some people call this a creative brief, others a project definition. Whatever you call it, in this stage you need to clearly define why your site exists.

Here, you should aim to answer questions about your intended audience and their values, the specific goals and preferred outcomes of your site, the metrics you’ll use to measure and define success, and the type of communication strategy that will attract your audience. Part of this will require you to study your competitors.

Answering these questions will help you better understand the scope of your web development project, including the features you want to include, the number of pages on the site, the timeline of the build, and the likely costs associated with the build.

Wireframes and Mockups

Now it’s time to design! During this stage you’ll create a guide for all further work.

The wireframe and mockup stage will include the creation of an architectural sitemap, one that spells out the relationship between all the pages you’ve chosen to include. It will also make clear how the user will navigate through the pages, enabling you to visualize a design that is both functional and beautiful.

Good designers are innovative, create products that are easily and intuitively understood by their users, and have a good sense of aesthetics that fits in with the brand of the company the website is being built for.

Building Out Website Content

Depending on whether we’re building a new website from scratch or updating an existing website, at this point we’ll find ways to seamlessly integrate the content into the wireframe and design.

This will include visual elements, the words written on the page, the placement of CTAs and buttons, the color scheme, videos – in short, everything a user will see and interact with. The aim of our team will be to say more with less, to lead with visuals, to have clear and concise copy, and to keep things simple and accessible for visitors.

Depending on the nature of the build, we will also integrate SEO-friendly design and content elements (including a detailed keyword strategy underpinning the effort), which goes a long way towards building the organic reach of your site and boosting user engagement with your brand over the long term.

Development, Execution & Testing

This is where the technical strength of the BlueHat team comes into play. And while it takes a skilled developer to translate the design ideas into code, their job is made easier if the previous three steps are done properly.

Google loves an error-free website, so while building it we’ll ensure that all the elements work perfectly together. We’ll focus on things like site-load speed, mobile optimization, clean architecture, all done with the user experience top of mind.

The final part of this stage will include testing, in which the new site will be pre-launched in a way that makes it only visible to those with the appropriate link. Here we will make sure that all bugs, design elements and UX issues are addressed and cleaned up before the site goes live.

Launch Day!

After the site has been tested by the appropriate stakeholders and approved, it’s time to go live! However, in our experience, since there is no rarely an instance in which the design is so perfect that nothing at all needs to be adjusted, our team will be on hand to address feedback that will come in from the users visiting the site.

It almost goes without saying, but because websites are constantly evolving, post-launch we will also be on hand to help your team maintain the website, facilitating updates to content, and broken links, or implement any changes and necessary adaptations to the site related to changing business priorities.

Are you ready to build a Website that’s worthy of your Business and Brand?

Website development

BlueHat Website Development: Perfect for Many Industries

Content and design-driven websites that convert visitors to clients. Used as a sales tool, to communicate a brand’s vision, to capture leads, provide information, and more.

Facilitating the purchase of both physical and digital goods and services, E-Comm websites can help your business process more orders and build your brand over the long term.

From scheduling systems to lead-capturing forms, we can build and design easy-to-use websites for any service-based business full of clear copy that converts users.

Real Estate Websites

Buying and selling homes is tough enough. Our developers create stunning real estate websites that will funnel more potential clients your way so you can focus on your craft.

Custom Web Applications

Whether you need to integrate shopping carts, login forms, or other elements, our experts can design, implement and integrate complex custom web applications on any site.

Platforms We Support

The web developers at BlueHat Marketing are well-trained and able to support any of the following Content Management Systems or Web Applications.


Why You Should Choose Web Design Services from BlueHat

Customized Website Development

Able to handle clients from any industry, the BlueHat team has a track record of success building websites from scratch or modernizing existing web infrastructure.

Designed with SEO in Mind

A good website design becomes truly great if SEO is built-in early. Integrating a detailed competitive analysis and finely-tuned keyword research is the key to boosting organic reach.

Professional and Modern Layouts

We know the power of well-designed visual elements, and our developers excel at putting together modern, exciting layouts that catch the eye and create a great impression.

Faster Page Speed & Load Time

Research shows that if your site takes more than a few seconds to load, you will lose a massive amount of business. By streamlining the site from a technical standpoint, we keeps speeds high.

Expertly Designed Wireframes and Mockups

After defining the scope of our web design projects through research and analysis, we build wireframes and mockups that clearly define your site, helping you better engage visitors and ultimately boost your brand.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Drawing visitors to your site is one thing, and turning them into clients is another. With CRO always top-of-mind, we continually improve your website with our A/B testing and validation efforts.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Today, most traffic is mobile, which is why our development team places a premium on optimizing your site for mobile, and keeping it responsive.

Top Tier User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)

Along with high-level functionality, having great UI and UX is an absolute must. By designing and implementing intuitive, simplified experiences for users, you will boost your conversions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not all website builds are the same, but in many cases, a website can be designed and developed in just a matter of weeks. Getting an exact answer will depend on the specific project, so it’s often best to reach out for an initial (and free!) consultation to get a more accurate answer.
The cost of a website will depend on the size of the project. Building a customized website from scratch can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 and up, but sometimes there are ways to streamline the process. We can only really cost out the options after we’ve asked you a series of questions in an introductory call or email thread.
Very often, your choice of CMS will depend on the type of business you have, and whether you are a local or international company. WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs because of its flexibility, but we also work with Shopify, Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, Joomla, Adobe Experience Manager, and Squarespace.
If that is one of your priorities, then yes, absolutely! At BlueHat, we build what the customer needs, so we always make sure to prioritize the convenience of our clients. An added bonus is that we can also act as a resource, providing tips and tricks on how to best navigate the back-end of your new website once it’s up and running.
100%, yes. Today, the majority of web use is done on mobile. Without a site that is optimized for mobile, you’ll be leaving a ton of money on the table, and drive away potential clients in huge numbers. That’s why we make sure to optimize for both desktop and mobile whenever we build out and design new websites.
SEO is a large part of what we do at BlueHat, and very often without an SEO-centric approach within the context of our initial consultations and competitive analysis, you’ll be missing out on valuable information that can help us decide on site architecture, page and service offerings, copywriting content, and more. While it’s not always necessary to optimize for SEO up front, in many cases, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice by not integrating it in some respect before you start the process of web design & development.
This one’s easy: get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to help by discussing the scope of your project, providing an estimate, and moving on from there.


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