If you’ve ever pressed the “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google you know that it ignores the search result pages entirely and sends you directly to the first page related to your particular query. It’s also a fun way to discover some hidden games and other funny tricks when you’re bored online.

Recently for some users, the functionality of the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button has been expanded with new options:

These things usually go viral and do wonders to improve Google’s image, while reminding us that they have significant control over how we see the Internet. The “trends” function mainly reflects the fact that what is hot depends on how it is searched on Google and how the search engine structures and presents this data. From the perspective of SEO services, the most interesting one is the “I’m hungry” button, which connects users directly to restaurants. Trusting in search engines and their algorithms to make instant decisions for you might just be a growing trend to watch, especially in the mobile applications market, where users often go beyond simply obtaining information and look for instantaneous recommendations on the go. All the more work for SEO service providers such as Blue Hat, who work with companies to navigate through all these developments and connect people to the products and services they seek.