A child born today might very well never use any of the following technologies. In many of these cases, one can see how tablets and smartphones, as they conglomerate functions that were once reserved for dedicated devices, are dramatically whittling down the variety of devices that people once used to perform all the tasks that they needed to get done.

1. Wired Home Internet
This one might be obvious. Wired internet might still give some slight performance and stability benefits over wireless in some cases, but things are rapidly changing. Wireless is getting more powerful, and it will become more efficient for ISPs to maintain a wireless antenna network than to replace aging wires throughout a city.

2. Landline Phones
As of 2010, 26% of US homes had mobile phones only. Mobile phones (not necessarily smartphones) are fast replacing the need to have dedicated land lines. The availability of land line phone units themselves is dramatically decreasing from retailers’ shelves. Again, time, material and hassle are saved, especially for companies with large phone network requirements.

3. Desktop computers
The development and refinement of smartphone and tablet technology will continue to consolidate all the functions of traditional computers until the power concentration in these smart devices effectively replaces the need for separate desktop computers entirely. There will always be peripherals to plug them into (i.e. keyboards, monitors) but the computers themselves will remain portable and integrated into mobile phone and tablet formats.

It’s no surprise everyone is scrambling to make sure their business website is optimized for mobile and tablet display. Soon, if not now, platform specificity in website design will be a thing of the past. A website will simply need to function on all devices all the time. In the mobile arena, information and reviews about local businesses is more relevant than ever as users demand fast, reliable results from their searches. Blue Hat’s goal as a professional web design and SEO service provider is to stay on top of these changes to give our clients that edge needed to stay ahead of the competition.