Google controls the world of internet search, and all of the money that goes into it. Nearly all of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, mainly in the way of paid ads. AdWords is the engine that makes the money machine run. Companies pay to design their ads based around keywords that they specially select through a mysterious process called keyword research.

The great thing about advertising via this engine is that you get more precisely targeted customers. Instead of propping a billboard up on the side of the highway that only about 1% of the passers-by will be interested in, you can get an ad directly related to a user’s search, giving you a much better chance at making a sale. In fact, some research has shown that click through rates can get to around 15% for top keywords. As always, the wizards in Silicon Valley have now improved the system, and rolled out an AdWords structured snippet update.

What are dynamic structured snippets?

Earlier this year, a major update took place that made structured snippets dynamic. A snippet is a piece of text below your ad that describes your services to the customer. For instance if you search for “Hotels in New York,” the snippet could read “Hotel with view over the Hudson.” It’s a great tool to help highlight what is good about your goods or services. Google gives you the choice of whether or not to have them, but wants to remind everyone that they are a factor in ranking.

What is the update?

The update allows advertisers to have more control over the ads. You now get more say in choosing which key features can be highlighted. You can select which things like amenities, colors, brands, or location that best help to make a successful campaign. When you highlight the proper values, you can get more clicks. As long as it is featured on your web page in a certain way, then you will be able to highlight it in your ads. You will also have the choice to list which values you want to highlight, such as Free Wi-Fi, pool, or restaurant, and to make mobile a preferred device.

How does it affect you?

The good news is that this can only help you. So it is important to have them listed on your web site, and then to pay attention to your ad words if you do them yourself. Make sure to highlight the things most likely to get users to click through. Chances are people are going to want things that WOW them. Hotels with a view, bars with 100 beers on tap, airlines with Wi-Fi, etc. Highlight things that really stand out. Everyone has free Wi-Fi these days, that isn’t going to make or break your next sale.

Another change from the folks at Google aimed at pleasing their advertisers. This move was done to help give you more control over your ads, and a better chance at crafting a successful campaign. Make sure to take advantage of this structured snippets update, and highlight the things that make your business great.